CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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United KingdomAzi Hassan

I’m a girl in my 20s, I would love to connect with more ex muslim

United KingdomAhmed Aryan

I’ve been an atheist for a couple years now and some friends have recommended I

United KingdomAnisa husein

i would like to join because i am a closeted ex muslim, and i am

United KingdomNassima Gartoa

I would like to join the organisation because I am an ex-Muslim. Islam has played

IranHossein Ghafelehbashi

I'm an Exmuslim atheist advocating apostacy rights and freedom of speech in Iran https://persian-exmuslim.blogspot.com/

United KingdomBia King

I am British Pakistani and I have struggled to free myself from my Islamic upbringing,

CanadaBahar Parvizi

Hey there, I’m an Iranian living in Canada. I like to join this organization because

United KingdomEnya Ahmed

I would like to join this organisation because ever since I've left islam I feel

MoroccoAdam Mribet

I feel I am spending a life being persecuted. I have never believed in Islam

United KingdomApples Hughes

I have recently left Islam due to the conflict I felt not only as a

Pakistanshiraz jaffar

Hello, I'm Shiraz. I'm a 23-year-old student currently studying computer science at Urdu federal university

PakistanAsad Rehman

Hi I am from Pakistan and was born in Muslim in Muslim family.After living in

AlgeriaAhmed BRAHIMI

THISHi everyone, I was born and educated as a Muslim in North Africa. Although, I

United KingdomEbrahim Saeed

I’m an arab , i left islam 1.6year ago . I want to join with

United KingdomAli Abbasi

I lived for many years in the city of Qom, which is one of the

United KingdomMo Kasem

I am a British Bengali ex-Muslim who struggled a great deal throughout childhood with Islam

United KingdomUsman Surname

I'm a closet ex Muslim who wants to chat and meet like minded people and

United KingdomItraan Assif

I am agnostic from a Muslim background. I moved to London from Dorset 2017 and

United KingdomRafiqul Hasan

I want to join because I believe I am an atheist and I do not

United KingdomFazila Bulbul

I've suffered religious and cultural abuse myself whole life. I was never Muslim so I

United KingdomJ K

I'm Uk based Male of 59 years young. I left the RELIGION I was born

United KingdomBinta Darboe

I am a 22 year old black woman currently living in London have moved away

United Kingdomnazish nazish

i'm ex musli from pakistan. i'm 17 year old..and left Islam last year.. now recently

United KingdomSara Nazir

I have been an ex-Muslim for about 10 years and an active member in the

United KingdomAbu Sabr

I'm an ex-muslim from Bangladesh. I came to study in London in 2022. I've been

United KingdomTabraiz Burki

My name is Tabraiz Burki. I have been seeking asylum in this country for 12

FranceAyman Bouazbibene

I want to join you just to feel that there are some people like me

AfghanistanAli ali

I am an Ex-muslim, apostasy, agnostics and an an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, under Taliban

GermanySam Esfidary

Ex-muslim and Atheist. Originally Iranian, and born and grown up in a muslim family.

United KingdomTabraiz Burki

My name is Tabraiz Burki. I have been seeking asylum in this country for 13

United KingdomSally S

I've been a practicing muslim.for ten years but I've been fighting the feelings if it

United KingdomAiman Al-Ruwishan

I have been in the UK for nearly 10 months; thus, I am looking for

United KingdomLena Grey

I am a young ex-Muslim female who has escaped my family and the shackles the

United KingdomAdnan Alamri

I'm an asylum seeker in the UK, i escaped from Saudi Arabia the islamic country

United KingdomAfnan Alkhalaf

I am an asylum seeker in the United Kingdom, I was persecuted in my country

United KingdomFariz _

My family are Malay/Indonesian Muslims and leaving just 'isn't an option' I'm joining CEMB to

United KingdomMatthew Gosling

I look around at the world and feel great sadness for the fact that at

MoroccoAzeddine livan

exmuslim, agnostic

United KingdomAiman Al-Ruwishan

I am an atheist, originally from Yemen and newly arrived to the UK.

United KingdomOmar Azam

Hello I’m a member of EXMNA in North America, I’m moving to the Uk in

United KingdomKai Guy

Hi, I'm 26, my name used to be Umar. It's nearly been a year since

BangladeshDidarul Islam

My name is Didarul Islam. I was born on 4 january, 1996 in Cumilla District

United KingdomNadia 775511

I was brought up as a Muslim but even as a child never identified with

AfghanistanMohammad Ali Zargar

I name is Mohammad Ali Zargar, an ex-muslim from Afghanistan. Repeat After Me I'M Free😊

CyprusSharar Konouertabrizi

I lived for many years as a devout Muslim (Shia / Sufi). I studied psychology

United KingdomMoshammat Alam Alam

I want to join because i’m an ex muslim. I wanna help.

United KingdomMahdi Ghaderi

the main purpose of joining this group is to write an article. I have moved

United KingdomReeta Re

I left religion almost 2 and a half years ago. After leaving the religion I

United KingdomDavoud Hosseinzadeh

Hi, I am a former Muslim and now I am an atheist. I fled Iran

United KingdomHadiel Al

Ex Muslims should never be silenced. Their voices and experiences matter and must be heard

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