CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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United KingdomSalvador Salazar

Greetings fellow Human's I am 22 years old, I'm not exactly an athiest but more

SwedenFarshad Moadelian

An atheist since age of 14, a bisexual since 18. the old systems and religion

SwedenMuhammad Hadi Rahmahi

Hello, I am young 21 year old .I am from Afghanistan and I was born

United Kingdomjahanzeb khan

i am an ex-muslim

United KingdomNyla _

As a trans women; there is no safe space for me in Islam and there

NetherlandsHamed Maarefvand

Hello I was born in muslim family and my father was an stubborn muslim and

SwedenMuhammad Hadi Rahmahi

Hello dear friends .I am a young man from Afghanistan who is tired of the

United KingdomMohsin Ali

want to work for the people who ruining their life in Islam as I wasted

United KingdomAkbar Hamid

Am an ex Muslim born in Pakistan grew up in the U.K. I left Islam

SwedenAli asghar Hossini

Hi, i'm 23 old and from afghanistan but now i live in swedan I was

United KingdomMaryam Sohrabi

I am a 23 year old women originally from Kurdistan of Iran. I have been

United Kingdomafsheen shargh

an atheist from a Muslim background. have dealt with my family vilifying myself and believing

United KingdomShakila Khan

I am ex Muslim from Pakistan. I left Islam in 2010/2011 and then married an

United KingdomAdnan Afzal

Brought up as a muslim, however have never really connected with religion. I've been a

United KingdomMohammad Hamasalih

I am an ex Muslim from Kurdistan, in 2019 I publicly renounced Islam and became

United KingdomMohsin Ali

I am Ex Muslim. Almost more than a year I became an atheist. And I

United KingdomLya Hall

I left Islam only recently. I’d like to meet other ex-muslims and share experiences with

United KingdomSameer Yousuf

I’m an atheist man born into a British Pakistani family and was quite happily married

United KingdomAamer Khan

I left Islam many years ago but due to family and other pressures kept quiet.

BangladeshFahmid Dhrubo

I am an ex muslim from Bangladesh. In our country, we can't discuss our thoughts

United KingdomAneela Hussain

I would like to meet like minded people and makenfriend. By coming out it will

TunisiaGhaith Samoud

hi i want to be a member in your organization because my life is in

SwedenGhorban ali Hosseini

Hello, I'm glad I became a member of Ex_muslim because religion has been dead to

PakistanAhsan Ibrahim

I was raised as a Sunni Muslim inclined towards Sufism. Later, due to thinking critically,

NigeriaLukman Mohammed

I am an exmuslim,I would love to meet like minds

United KingdomAhmad ashraf

I would like to join to meet fellow ex muslims and to be able to

United KingdomEyad Hezam

Hello, my name is Eyad Hezam, I am 34 years old, Yemeni and I live

United KingdomSamah Riaz

I am a second generation Pakistani woman, that was born in the UK to immigrant

United KingdomJonathan Squire

As a gay man of 58 yrs and having been on the 'scene' for almost

United KingdomAli Luri

Islam is a very dangerous system of beliefs. We need to strive to raise awareness

United KingdomJOE PAN

I am originally from Bangladesh even though now currently living in the UK. while growing

MoroccoYoussef barj

Hi, I'm a moroccan atheist and an ex-muslim too. I've read your manifesto and I

United KingdomZoey Lucking

I'd like to find people I can relate to who have gone through similar experiences

PakistanAhmed Mustafa Kanjoo

Here is a bit of my background: I was arrested rather kidnapped due to my

Indonesiafreddy antono

I want to join due to i am ex muslim

United KingdomSuha Barakat

I am an Ex-Muslim Atheist woman living in London, UK.

United Kingdomafsheen shargh

i grew up in a muslim family from whom i was shunned over a decade

United KingdomAta Rahman

I'm part of the LGBT+ community and I was told about this organisation through another

United KingdomQasim Mahmood

I would like to join to meet fellow ex muslims and to be able to

Canadafloyd Kardashian

Hello 🙂 My name is Floyd Kardashian. I am an Ex-Muslim | Atheist | Human

United KingdomShehzad Siddiqi

The religion of my family, which they choose to believe in is Islam. I, however

FranceJohir Hossain

my name is Johir Hossain from Bangladesh. I am an ex-Muslim. In Dear Sir/Madam, my

United KingdomMikhail Ali

i’ve recently come out at an atheist to my parents as i have just turned

United KingdomSumon Ahmed

Hi, I born in muslim family, now i am in agnostic stage all i can

United KingdomWaheed Zahid

After being lured into the scientific reasons that Islam is true as a teenager, I

United KingdomPaniyah Fox

Secret Ex-muslim here. I am waiting to become finically independent. I want to leave Islam

BangladeshRahat Ahmad

I'm an ex Muslim and atheist from Bangladesh.Bangldesh and it's major people,it's government is very

South AfricaI Lagardien

In solidarity.

United KingdomMustafa Wahab

I am an ex Muslim from Kurdistan, in 1985 I publicly renounced Islam and became

Iranmahmoud behrouzi

I become free of Islam string. I am a free human now. I want to

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