CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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Howard Thorp

I am an atheist who believes in human rights and social justice. I believe we

Hossain Tohi

I would very much like to submit my name as an ex-Muslim to your organisation;

Henry Page

I would like to join because I am an ex-Muslim, an apostate. I didn\'t know

Irim Sarwar

I was born in Washington, D.C. into a Pakistani Muslim family - much as I\'m


I am an Egyptian lady and have experienced the harsh Sharia law in child custody,

Hussein Safa

The reason I wish to the join the council of ex-Muslims is that it\'s about


Because my Moroccan husband is incredibly moderate and ordinarily intelligent, but still won\'t hear any

Javad Riahi
Jash Hey

To meet like minded souls.

James O'Brien

I am a Christian atheist which is not a contradiction in > terms. I am

James Higgs

The culture of Islam is vastly inferior to that of anyone raised unto traditional Western

Jamie Al-Nasir

My name is Jamie, 28 years old, and raised in London by an English Christian

Jalil Jalili
J. Ahmad

I am interested to join the CEMB as I was born and raised as a

Kamran Sheikh

I am from a religious family and have a religious past until I read Koran\'s

Kamil an-Najar

I want to join the organisation in an attempt to shine a ray of light


I have worked for over 18 years with people from major religions and have to

John Etteridge

Just found your web site and very good it is too. I tried to sign

Louise Dalton

Please can I join the CEMB? I believe in universal rights and equality for all


Because we should all stick together and religion is divisive.

Laurence Mcalindon

Every religion is open to criticism. Islam has no excuse to not to be other

Kirsty Hall

I am an ex-Muslim, raised in a strict Islamic family in the UK. My mum

Kris Larner

As an ex-Christian and atheist I fully believe in a secular non-religious State and the

Keyvan Kalani
Keyvan Javid

I am an ex-Muslim and will gladly show my support for this organisation which has

Maria MacLachlan

I\'ve long been aware of the appalling abuse of human rights that take place in

Malcolm Dodd

I congratulate you on setting up the CEMB and joining with the ever-increasing number of


The CEMB manifesto is an excellent document, I wholeheartedly support it. I think it is

M Ahmad

As an ex-Muslim I congratulate Miss Namazie for this launch. I would like to join

Lynda Franklin

I am English, a humanist non-theist and a passionate advocate of full, unfettered freedom of

Luke Stephens

I am a chemistry teacher and a lifelong atheist. You are brave, brave people and

Luke Schofield
Martin Di Maggio

I am an atheist, humanist ex-Salafi Muslim. I converted when I was 15 and dipped

Mohammad Kuhsar Asadi
Moham Engineer

Some years ago I suffered Islam; I was arrested for Blasphemy, then sentenced to death;


Islam gets children to believe in it by scaring them. When you tell a little

Mike Maybury

I am horrified that those who want to leave Islam are threatened with death in

Mersedeh Ghaedi
Mehrzad Kian
Mehran Sharmini

Ending religious tyranny and obscurantism in the world today is an urgent task, if we

Mehryar Latif Shoushtary
Mehdi Tahriri Masooleh

I have fought against the Islamic regime of Iran and will keep fighting to ensure

Mat Hunt

I wholeheartedly give my support to this very worthy cause.

UKMohammad Aghdam

I do not believe in God and in my opinion anything that cannot be found

Mukto Mona

I want to promote freethought in all communities esp. Muslim communities. I feel that Muslim

Muhammad Younas

People r super power; they have right to decide about the future of human life.

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