CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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United KingdomSully Imam

I'm an ex Muslim from the UK. I live in quite a closed community that

United KingdomThuwayba Mohamed

I want to join because I am secretly ex-muslim and am from a Somali conservative

United Kingdomapostate angel

Hi I'm ex-muslim and I was Scolari's but I found out that it's to hard

United StatesShahir Salyani

I am 50 years old, and live in PA, USA (greater Philadelphia). I left Islam

SudanTariq Ali

Hello, My name is Tariq Ali, I do liver in the Republic of Sudan, A

United KingdomMd Mahadi Hasdan

Hello, this is Mahadi here, I'm A blogger & journalist from Bangladesh and currently live

United KingdomUmma Banu

I am an ex Muslim and I have realised the cruelty about this religion since

IraqReham Taie

I am a 25 year old female and an atheist from Iraq. Leaving islam was

United KingdomKhaled Saker

20 year old ex Muslim

United KingdomRose Serwan

I decided to leave Islam at the age of sixteen and since then I have

Saudi ArabiaFares Private

Simply because most people around me want to kill me if they knew I am

United KingdomMali Sen

I left the religion back in 2013, after which things were never the same with

Saudi ArabiaLeyann Khaled

Hello, I'm 19, I can't remember the time that I felt that being Muslim is

IndiaSarwar Alam

I want to join to connect to fellow ex-muslims and help the cause.

MoroccoMostafa El Mnaoui

I am an atheist since 2014, actually in a young age but i am so

United KingdomAshfar Azfar

Being a muslim most of my life, then finally reading its moronic scripture both quran

United KingdomToyaba Roberts

Being a former muslim I think it's so vital to have services such as these

United KingdomHena Mulla

Hi. I’m 43 years old from Blackburn (originally from London). I left Islam quite a

PakistanQasim Peacewala

Proud to be an Atheist since birthday. Want everyone to live in peace.

United KingdomSafia Mohamoud

I will be honest, for almost 10 years I have tried to "forget" or to

United Kingdomhannah skye

grew up very religious muslim till i began questioning things. 2 years later i am

United KingdomYousuf Hamid

I came across this organisation when I recently saw an Oxford uni debate on YouTube

United KingdomA Kay

Hey guys. I’m joining as I want to meet like minded people. I’m a mother

Palestine, State ofAram Zidan

I was born and raised Muslim in the city of Ramallah, Palestine to a moderately

United Kingdomyasmin mohamud

This group is important to me due to the support it would give me to

United KingdomSophia Mulla

I left Islam many years ago, still unable to come out to friends and family

United KingdomFardin Gholami

I am an ex-Muslim migrated to the UK.

EgyptSalma Kam

I want to be free and not fake being a Muslim when I am an

IraqBakr Al qaysi

I am Bakr Khalil Al-Qaisi, an engineer from Iraq, I live in Baghdad. I would

United KingdomRubina Qaiyoom

Leaving Islam in the end meant losing my family and community - and I have

JordanAhmad Arouri

I am a former Muslim and now I am an atheist, and I left Islam


Hi, I am Umayed , u can say me a non believer person of religion.

United KingdomMika Milisar

I am 19 and an ex muslim!

IranSoheil Safikhani

after i started to feel skeptical when i turned 14 i slowly gave up my

United KingdomShadia Z

i am not muslim any more , i stopped practising the religion for more than

United Kingdomy u

hi, born to religious conservative pakistani family in the uk, left islam due to taking

IraqBakr Alqaysi

I left Islam and don’t believe in any religion

United KingdomVian Aziz

British of Iraqi origin , Ex Muslim, fighting for freedom.

United Kingdomsaleem aslam

I am an ex muslim from a pakistani background in the uk and have been

United KingdomAngela Ambrin

I have been an ex muslim for a long time, and it is very isolating.

United KingdomRyan Tariq

Been exmuslim since 2011, been very lonely and did not realise there was a whole

United KingdomA G

Hi. I'm a secret atheist. Haven't told anyone. I think Islam is backward and violent

FranceZenab Akbaraly

I'm an ex-muslim from Réunion Island which is a part of France. I was part

United KingdomMaximus Azad

Hi just wanted to start to connecting with other ex-muslims.

United KingdomHannah Khan

Closeted ex Muslim, looking for support and advice from like minded people

United KingdomMohsin Arif

I’ve been an ex-Muslim for almost 7 years and was watching Hasan Radwan on Secular

United KingdomArshad Hassan

I was born to a very religious Muslim family, who resided just 100 yds from

United Kingdomzaynab ali

I need help, i feel trapped as i told two members of my household i

United KingdomAsh Musa

I would like to join CEMB to engage with like minded people and for support.

United KingdomDia Hussain

I'm pretty young and I heard about this community, so I wanted to join. With

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