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January 20, 2016
One the Law for All and Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain’s end-year celebration was a huge success. Watch the event which included Philosopher AC Grayling, Secular Activist Aliyah Saleem, British Iraqi singer Alya Marquardt, Goldsmiths Atheist Society President Asher Fainman, Warwick Atheist Society President Benjamin David, London Black Atheist organiser Clive Aruede, Magician Neil Edwards, […]
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January 9, 2016
Original published in Daily Mail on 9 January 2016 This week marked the first anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. The atrocity was a brutal attack not just on human life but also on the principle of free speech, one of the pillars of human civilisation. In the aftermath of the killings, people […]
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December 11, 2015
Dear friend We wanted to write and thank you for your support during this past year and ask that you donate to our organisation in order to help us continue our important work in 2016 and beyond. #EXMUSLIMBECAUSE As you well know, CEMB’s work is needed more than ever before. A campaign to defend the […]
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December 1, 2015
SEE VIDEO BELOW CEMB spokesperson Maryam Namazie spoke on “Apostasy, Blasphemy and Free Expression in the Age of ISIS” on 30 November 2015 at Goldsmiths University at the invitation of the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society (ASH). See Video Below. The night before her talk, the ASH president received an email from the president of […]
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November 27, 2015
More than 60 international organisations have joined a letter in support of poet and artist Ashraf Fayadh who has been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for apostasy 27 November 2015 Your Excellency RE: Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh We, the undersigned organisations, all dedicated to the value of creative freedom, are writing to express our […]
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November 21, 2015
If you are an Ex-Muslim or thinking of leaving Islam, join our global solidarity campaign by sending your photo with #ExMuslimBecause telling us your reason for leaving Islam. You can also send us a 1 minute video and Tweets. Find us at: Twitter: www.twitter.com/CEMB_forum Tweets by MaryamNamazie Tweets by rayhana Facebook: www.facebook.com/exmuslims Website: http://ex-muslim.org.uk/ If […]
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November 5, 2015
Hello friend I hope you are well. WARWICK UNIVERSITY AND TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN Our spokesperson Maryam Namazie finally spoke at Warwick University and Trinity College Dublin this month after her talk was barred by the Student Union at Warwick and cancelled by the student group at TCD due to “concerns.” You can read and watch […]
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October 13, 2015
I emailed The Guardian on 2 October to ask for the right to reply to David Shariatmadari’s apologetics for Islamism. My article, Why I Speak against Islamism, was finally published on 13 October at 5pm after much delay and back and forth over “edits.” On 8 October, the Acting Editor for Comment is Free wrote […]
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October 8, 2015
A new counter-dawah project is seeking individuals interested in working with it or supporting it. Dawah (calling to Islam) is a huge industry which sometimes uses misinformed or misleading arguments that largely go unchallenged. When the U.K.-based dawah charity iERA tried to argue for the Qur’anic revelation of embryology, it said that converts left Islam […]
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September 25, 2015
Hello I hope you are well. UPCOMING EVENTS We wanted to write and remind you about our upcoming events and speaking engagements. In the coming weeks, we will be speaking at Everybody Reading Festival in Leicester, Trinity College Dublin (after a previously scheduled talk was cancelled), the London Feminist Conference and at screenings of the film […]
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