CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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United KingdomLeo Abdullah

My name is Leo, but my original name is Abdulrahman and planning to change it

United KingdomMohamad Reza Motalebi

As an ex-Muslim asylum seeker who has just fled the theocracy of the Islamic Republic

United KingdomArash Zare

I encourage people to think rationally rather than imaginary. Meanwhile, respect to everyone.

United KingdomM Kamran

I am of south asian decent and grw up in the UK. While I wasn't

Iranfatemeh nasimi

I am a woman and can't accept the way women be treated in Islam so

United KingdomIvan Islam

Exmuslim living in the uk, wanting to spread awareness and help fellow exmuslims like me.

PakistanMuhammad Zeeshan

I left the religion back in 2012, but the people around me and my family

ItalyUmar Anwar

Hello! I discovered about your organization watching an interview of Lawrence Krauss. And, as an

GreeceAlireza Barbarie

Hello, my name is Alireza Barbari. 22years old from Afghanistan. It has been two years

United Kingdomyousuf Khan

I am quite young (21) and leaving Islam can be a lonely and scary experience.

United KingdomZainab Mohamed

I'd like to join the CEMB to get some support as an ex-Muslim. I find

United KingdomAlgerieeeee Queen

Hi I want to join please because I’m an 18 year old girl thinking about



United KingdomSaheed Rasool

At 41 years old I have denounced my faith. I have nothing against the Muslims

GreeceAlireza Barbarie

Hello, my name is Alireza Barbari. 22years old from Afghanistan. It has been two years

United KingdomMuhammed Fazil Cheriyath Valappil

I am Fazil from India. I have left Islam about 4 years ago. I am

United KingdomDaya S

I have been an ex Muslim for years but recently moved to london. I’d like

United KingdomSam B

I become an ex muslim many years ago, it was hard to announce while living

United KingdomKasif Ashram

Im currently 17 yrs old an have just completely my A levels I left islam

United KingdomDayaa Avivi

Hi i’m an ex-muslim still living with family but i’m waiting until i am financially

IndiaQafiira Ex

I am an Ex Muslim moved out of islam to Atheism/Humanity... Living lonely & secretly.

United KingdomMaryam Ali

I was raised a Muslim from birth and taught about how Allah would hurt those

United KingdomMaaria B

I lost my faith around 11 year olds but continued to act as a Muslim

United KingdomLubna Abbasi

I came long time ago but due to life situation could not continue. I need

United KingdomMaya Amir

I left Islam a while ago and am now an atheist I really like how

United KingdomFahad Hussein

hey im Fahad hussein i have Re-discoverd myself lately and im happy that after 25

United KingdomAli Mohammad

Islam has ruined my life. It is based on lies that brought nothing but misery

NigeriaGazaki Garba

The discrimination and persucation of irreligious people motivated to became member of this great organization,

United KingdomCyra Haq

I have been an ex-Muslim atheist for a year now, though I have always been

United KingdomAndrew Foster

I am 20 year old male from Birmingham of Pakistani heritage. Brewing doubts have caused

EgyptDolly La sarkasmo

As an ExMuslim lesbian woman, live in Muslim country roled by Islamic law. I want

United KingdomMohsin Ali

I belong to Peshawar. Which is very backward area of Pakistan. Me and my wife

IndiaAaqib Hayat

I believe there must be an organisation which needs to gather people from the whole

United KingdomAlia Khan

I'm an ex-muslim and I have been out for over 20 years. Its been tough

SwedenJawad Razaghi

Hello, I'm glad I became a member of Ex_muslim because religion has been dead to

SwedenGolbeddin Zamani

I want to join because three years ago i left islam. To me, science and

United StatesIqbal Nouyed

To get in touch with the ex-muslim community to find a sense of belonging ,

United KingdomLubna Abbasi

I have been an ex Muslim for a long time and I have more freedom

United KingdomIzark Ashraf

Honestly I'm a divided 17 yr old muslim I have doubts on the existence of

United KingdomOmar Khalil

My name is Omar Khalil, and I have been an atheist for 10 years. I

United Kingdomfarid heydari

I was forced to leave Islamic Republic of Iran because of asking questions and criticising

United KingdomRihanna Clayton

I was born in the UK into a strict muslim family. I was forced to

United KingdomNarin Sohrabi

I grew up in a liberal Kurdish household with parents who are non-believers. I started

SudanUnknown Ex Muslim

I'm ex Muslim from Sudan, 23 years old, I was religious person before turning to

United KingdomFatima Khan

I was born in the UK into a strict muslim family. I was forced to

United KingdomZahra Akbar

Hi, I have been running the decision to leave islam over in my head for

United KingdomMohsin Ali

Basically I belong to very religious family. My father is imam. My whole life was

United KingdomNaveed Kartik

I am from Malaysia. I was converted into Islam when I was young by my

SwedenMazen Kamalmaz

I would join because very simply I consider myself to be an atheist and do

United KingdomRobert Hammond

I have been a life long atheist but never had to face the discrimination described,

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