CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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BangladeshDidarul Islam

My name is Didarul Islam. I was born on 4 january, 1996 in Cumilla District

United KingdomNadia 775511

I was brought up as a Muslim but even as a child never identified with

AfghanistanMohammad Ali Zargar

I name is Mohammad Ali Zargar, an ex-muslim from Afghanistan. Repeat After Me I'M Free😊

CyprusSharar Konouertabrizi

I lived for many years as a devout Muslim (Shia / Sufi). I studied psychology

United KingdomMoshammat Alam Alam

I want to join because i’m an ex muslim. I wanna help.

United KingdomMahdi Ghaderi

the main purpose of joining this group is to write an article. I have moved

United KingdomReeta Re

I left religion almost 2 and a half years ago. After leaving the religion I

United KingdomDavoud Hosseinzadeh

Hi, I am a former Muslim and now I am an atheist. I fled Iran

United KingdomHadiel Al

Ex Muslims should never be silenced. Their voices and experiences matter and must be heard

United KingdomSADI J

I am an ex muslim. Left religion a few years ago after studying. I am

United KingdomVahid Brand

Hello, I am an agnostic atheist and a humanist. I used to be Muslim because

United KingdomMohamed Abdo

Hello there. It's a pleasure to be a member in this organization, as an atheist

United KingdomCirce Sahira

I always felt like the Muslim community I been raised in is toxic, backwards and

United Kingdomcimaz abduljabbar

I'm a Kuwaiti ex-Muslim, forced to hide my beliefs under an Islamic facade for my

United KingdomBa Naam

A paki ex.Looking for like-minded community.Speaking out some things without fear

United KingdomLove Humanity1379

I'm LoveHumanity1379, An iranian exmuslim and an advocator of peace, kindness, Love, humanity and science.

United KingdomMohamed Abdo

I would like to join the Ex-muslim organization, because I found myself into it. AS

United KingdomMaryam M

I was raised a muslim. I was really religious about it too, as a kid.

United KingdomZiad Kent

As an ex-Muslim atheist, advocating for secularism and the end of the oppression of non-believers

United KingdomGasim Davies

I am applying on behalf of my Egyptian friend Gasim, who married my friend Humphrey

United KingdomMuhammad Tayyab

I'm confused when I think about religion but I came to the conclusion that none

United KingdomMara Parker

I have been an ex muslim of now 4 years and have kept up with

United KingdomRaghad Alharbi

Hello, I left islam when i was 16-17 and that made feel me more outsider

United KingdomAbu Hanif

I have been questioning the religion and existence of god for a very long time.

Swedenabuzar asadi

Hello i left islam 4 years ago. and i have been an atheist ever since.

United KingdomD. B.

I have recently become an ex Muslim, and I have experienced first hand how toxic

United KingdomMouloukou Kaba

Hi there, After leaving Islam for about a year now, I have never felt more

United KingdomKhush Bakht Rehman

I am on a student visa and originally come from Pakistan. I want to join

GermanyFarzaneh Ravesh

I'm from Iran, and born Moslems. But I don't have ever believed in Islam and

AustraliaJohanna Browne

As a Human rights activist myself, and part of the Atheist Republic team, I've always

United KingdomJim Jeffries

As an ex-Muslim who has been an atheist for the last 20 years, it is

PakistanAbi (C.A.R.)

I am a 16 year old Pakistani Ex Muslim and I left Islam during the

United KingdomReinis Liepa

I am a secular raised humanist wishing to support and participate in helping ex-muslims to

AfghanistanFazal subhan Baidar

I am an ex-muslim living in jalalabad Afghanistan. I denounced islam many years ago by

United KingdomRashid Khan

I feel lonely as I think as an ex Muslim I feel I m different

United KingdomYaqoob Mohammed

I'm a Gay Ex-Muslim refugee from Bahrain who studied Islam before leaving it.

United KingdomLama Alshammari

I born and raised in Saudi Arabia, which is a Muslim country, it had never

United KingdomSyed Hoque

I might be bi-curious and have feelings for my Pakistani boyfriend. The community doesn’t approve

United KingdomJalal Tagreeb

I joined the ex-Muslim community in the UK to announce their victory over my wrong

United KingdomMo Hammed

Hi I’m a Bangladeshi from the uk 20 years old I only left Islam recently

United KingdomKozhen Ahmed Aziz

I was born in Iraq in 1998 as Kurdish minority. Because of the strict nature

AfghanistanMohammad Moazami

I am Mohammad Moazami live in Kabul city, Afghanistan, and my field is public health

United KingdomYousef G

I would like to join in order to attend the support group events, like the

United KingdomKiyanoosh Ahmady

Hi I am Iranian atheist living in UK as asylum seeker. I am the translator


I am Ex-Muslim

AlgeriaAchraf Mohammedi

I believe that humanism is my next direction i can't be without my own freedom

ItalyAhmed Harkan

I’m an ex-Muslim and a popular activist since 2010 I’ve had lots of interviews in

United KingdomArmaan Sahil

Hi, I have attended previous ex Muslim events.

United KingdomAsiya Ahmed

Hello, I am 22 a closeted Somali ex Muslim woman who hopefully want to live

United KingdomSundas Ahmed

Perhaps I could tell you a little bit about myself. I am an ex-Muslim atheist

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