NameHein Htet Kyaw (Abu Bakr)

I was born into a mixed race and mixed religious family. Now, I'm a radical atheist actively fighting against Myanmar's state blasphemy laws. I'm also a hactivist who is currently using technology to fight state censorship in Myanmar in favour of censored sceptical religious reformists and their progressive beliefs. I currently serve as a spokesperson for Burmese Atheists, an atheist/humanist vanguard organisation in Myanmar. I'm a socialist who has been influenced by several Marxist thinkers, including Mansoor Hekmat. In addition, Maryam Namazie inspires me with her boldness and commitment. She is one of the marxists who indirectly convinced me to remain a socialist. I was quite disappointed by those pseudo-leftists, particularly those on the western left, who were reactionary when confronted with political Islam. Here, let me clarify that I'm all for secularism. At any cost.