NameRihanna Clayton

I was born in the UK into a strict muslim family. I was forced to read the Quran and wear a hijab at a very young age against my will. I've always been an inquisitive and curious person and have always questioned Islam, as I do not agree with many of the teachings. I have a love of science and reason, and am able to think for myself.
I have graduated from university and am working full-time. I live away from my family, but I still have to pretend when I am around them, until I am ready to 'come out'.
As a result of this, I have really struggled with my mental health. I have received help from doctors and therapists and am slowly heading in a more positive direction.
I am hoping that by joining this group, I will have a community of supportive individuals who have had similar experiences, and can find a safe space to be open about my own journey of apostasy.