NameAhmed Mustafa Kanjoo

Here is a bit of my background: I was arrested rather kidnapped due to my 'thoughts' and sharing them on Facebook, on January 6, 2019 by Pakistan's Military Intelligence. I was tortured, and kept in solitary confinement for 14 months. During this illegal detention, I was taken out of my cell once every day, and given lecture about islam, Quran and teaching of prophet for about 35- 40 minutes, taught some verses of Quran and forced to memorize them, and forced to offer 6 daily prayers (5 mandatory and 1 extra in the middle of night called Tahajud) and I was given 2 different translation of Quran (different school of thoughts) and since the cell had a CCTV installed in it, I was checked if I was reading them or not.

I also need to mention, I was a very devout, sincere, and knowledgeable Muslim for most of my life. By knowledgeable, I mean that I can quote large passages of Scripture, know what the various books of Scripture deal with, and for many, can even outline by memory a general sketch of what is discussed.

But very recently being in solitary confinement, I read Quran completely through several times. I discovered that most of the doctrines they express are created out of shredded Scripture — a piece here, a snippet there, cut out that inconvenient phrase there and exclude that scripture altogether. Put it together with preaching and a “thus said Allah” and bless it with an "Amen" and you have a doctrine that will bind the people who don’t have enough education, will, or gumption to figure out that they have been fed a lie.

And that was me, too. For a long, long time. I overlooked and excused the excesses and lies of Islam, Mullahs and Imams etc. — until finally I could overlook them no longer.

After I was released, I found out that even my own family had turned against me not because of my political thoughts and my online activities of highlighting human and minority rights violations in my country BUT because I was painted as an 'apostate'. My religious thoughts were minimum to myself and few of my likeminded friends, but once I got kidnapped, it became known to everyone. And so after my release I quickly found out that I even might get killed by someone from my own tribe, so I had to take refuge at one of my cousin's farm about 40 km from the city. And if I want to see my children sometimes, I often go in the night time to see them (I have 2 sons age 7 and 8 years) whom I met quietly once or twice a week. My wife is not happy with me, she wants me to revisit my thoughts about Islam and get back, which is impossible for me.

So this is a bit of my background.

Why I want to join this platform? I would say, for the updated information!