NameSafia Mohamoud

I will be honest, for almost 10 years I have tried to "forget" or to push back the thought of being atheist... Islam isn't really known for taking atheists well especially those that were born Muslim. I would love to have a group of people just like me! People that have gone through this. Have gone through the divorce process that is Islam and their identity. I don't know any ex Muslims. For the longest time I thought they never existed. I hope to learn from others, regardless of cultural background. I want to join this group to have a support network, one that I hope to partake in ( once I have reached that point in this process) so that I can help others. especially people that are young adults and are dependent on Muslims in their communities ( parents/relatives) for housing or support. I hope to learn how to aid others and learn from many other ex muslims what they went through and how life is for them now.

Thank you.
Kind regards,
Safia Mohamoud.