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March 11, 2008
Maryam Namazie, head of the Council of Ex-Muslims in Britain, says that rights are for individuals, not religions or beliefs Juliet Rix March 12 2008, 12:00am Picture this, says Maryam Namazie: “A child is swathed in cloth from head to toe every day. Everything but her face and hands are covered for fear that a […]
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February 8, 2008
Losing my religion When religion means death Children and emotional abuse The necessity of criticism Losing my religion, 04 February 2008 I find it slightly odd writing for a faith blog, when I don’t have any. It’s like writing for an Automobile Association blog when I take the bus. But I do understand why it […]
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January 16, 2008

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January 11, 2008
Mina Ahadi and Maryam Namazie – leading lights in the ex-Muslim movement – have been voted among the top 45 women of year by Elle magazine in Quebec. Both Mina and Maryam have been winners of the National Secular Society’s Secularist of the Year award and Maryam is an honorary associate of the Society. NSS […]
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January 6, 2008

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December 9, 2007
When Sofia Allam left the Muslim faith for Christianity, the response from her family was one of persecution and threats. Alasdair Palmer explores the dangers facing Islam’s apostates Sofia Allam simply could not believe it. Her kind, loving father was sitting in front of her threatening to kill her. He said she had brought shame […]
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October 31, 2007
With Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens launching an intellectual assault on religion, Mike Cotgreave looks at the options open to those who no longer believe. Religion has been an increasingly hot topic of debate recently but rarely, it seems, has there been such a sustained attack on God and the various belief systems that venerate […]
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October 25, 2007
Imagine a woman – let’s call her Beth – who has been an unthinking atheist all her life, just because her family and her friends are, too. One day, she decides to convert to Islam. As soon as she dons the hijab, her neighbours start to swear and spit at her in the street. A […]
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October 20, 2007
Iranian Dissident Wins Secularist of The Year Prize A woman who has spent her life opposing the mistreatment of women by the Iranian clerical regime has been awarded the £5,000 prize for Secularist of the Year by the National Secular Society. Mina Ahadi, an Iranian exile now living in Germany, was presented with the prize […]
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September 20, 2007
A New Brand of Nonbelievers In a Divided Europe, Ex-Muslims Want to Be Heard By CHRISTINE BROUWER, LONDON, Sept. 17, 2007 As the debate in Western Europe about radical Islam heats up, a new and unlikely group of people are adding their voice to the discussion They call themselves “ex-Muslims.” Raised as Muslims but having […]
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