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August 21, 2020
FFRF joins in Saturday’s Apostasy Day observance, FFRF, 21 August 2020
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August 4, 2020
The Spectre of Atheism: “Leaving the Allah Delusion Behind” by Ibn Warraq, Areo Magazine, 4 August 2020
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July 27, 2020
Islamic Fragility: How Islam is Offended by Everything, Apostate Prophet interview with Jimmy Bangash, 27 July 2020
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July 24, 2020
You are not allowed to speak, The Article, 24 July 2020
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July 22, 2020
Sourate et Corona. Le virus de la pensée unique, Media Part, 22 July 2020
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July 20, 2020
Emna Charki et la liberté de conscience : une affaire emblématique des luttes à venir, Middle East Eye, 20 July 2020
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July 12, 2020
The Threat to Civil Liberties Goes Way Beyond “Cancel Culture”, Jacobin Magazine, 12 July 2020
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July 1, 2020
Conflating face masks with burqas is an an act of cultural assassination, sister-hood, 1 July 2020 By Marieme Helie Lucas and Maryam Namazie Some people, including Human Rights Watch’s Director Ken Roth and politicians like Rabina Khan have taken the opportunity of a global pandemic to defend the burqa/niqab by comparing it with mandatory face mask rulings used […]
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June 24, 2020
Gay & ExMuslim | Jimmy Bangash, ExMuslimUK, 24 June 2020
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June 15, 2020
On Why Ex-Muslims should support BLM and the Fight against Systematic Racism Edited and Expanded Conversation between Ali Rizvi and Maryam Namazie on Professional Novice Podcast Ali Rizvi: Welcome to Professional Novice with Ali Rizvi. I like bringing people on who I really respect in terms of their ideas and their thoughts. And today’s obviously […]
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