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NameWasim Jabbar

I am a British Bangladeshi. I was a Muslim for most of my life, lost many good friends because of my views, I couldn\'t let go of the hatred for homosexuals and Jews and many other hateful things were in my mind i.e. what my wife should wear, who my children will marry, I felt no remorse when I heard or saw on TV non believers dying. I started reading books by Richard Dawkins (my hero). I started seeing things from a different perspective, Islam just seemed illogical to me. Now I\'m an open Atheist even in front of my family (which is the most difficult part); my wife also feels the same way as I do. Together we challenge Muslims with common sense as our weapon. The response is anger, \"you\'re disrespectful\", \"you\'re taking it out of context\" and many more. But I can see it from their point of view as I was once like them. I see Muslims as prisoners that need to be freed; I don\'t see a place for Islam in this modern secular society. The only way for Islam to exist is reform, but I know very well Islam will never allow that. I don\'t count moderate Muslims as allies as I know how they think. Islam is the disease, Muslims are the victims and ex-Muslims have been cured.

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