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InternationalKim BruceLondon

I am not a Muslim or ex-Muslim but I am concerned about the growing threat of sharia law in Canada and I want to learn more about how to handle this threat.
What's better than learning from an ex-Muslim?

Internationalabdu elsamad Abdullahsudan/Khartoum

I'm proudly a Sudanese ex-muslim unluckily live in Khartoum crawling with those stupid Muslims.
I've been persecuted and violated by those Muslims on a regular basis for just issuing subjective statement about quran and prophet Mohammed. as nothing they have to disprove my claims they've started to do bad stuff to me such as cracking my Facebook bage. threatening to applying apostasy.
I'm so done living in such communities
And I've read-heared and found your commission and effort you've done so far impeccable.
So actually I need to get the hell outta here.
And I'm here seeking little guidance from you guys.
How to get a visa
The money it costs to get there
The hostel and it's cost and such things.
And ultimately changing nationality.
And I've seen a video for an activist I think she barley make it there... Asudanese nahla Mohammed. And thanks.

UKMd didarul IslamLondon

I had a story and could not explain in a few word , but let’s focus what we believe and let’s take out our friends ,family and relatives from barbaric religion . This is our responsibility to save them

UKFaheem HussainUk

Idk why

UKKhaled HammadPortsmouth

My name is Khaled originally from Egypt and have been living in the U.K. since 2000
I’m an ex Muslim. I left the religion about 15 years ago and would like to meet like minded people. Hoping also to find an ex Muslim partner from the same background as this is a big problem for us which I’m sure you’re aware of

I live in portsmouth and very busy running my own business however, I will make some effort to come to some meetings

I don’t know if it will ever happen but I’d love to attend a lecture for dr Dawkins before one of us dies lol

Thank you guys for the effort and hope to become a member soon

InternationalAgellid YudasKabylia

I'm an ex muslim and I was a muazeen, after a lot of researches,asking,thinking freely,reading and studying different philosophical,psychological and scientifique books,i stopped believing in Islam and allah ,so im an atheist right now since 3 years and im feeling so good, and i would like to join you the membership.

UKimran raja

i am so grateful you have this to beat the racism against our secular freedoms and beliefs by islamic and illiterate muslims to educate the muslims and other similar cult structures to have a community backing the secularists from the cultural and religious bias to know im not the only enlightened being to come to these conclusions and stop the eradication of personal freedoms be it from the government outcast threat for coercion from communities teach younger generations why the secular system works its benefits "for religions who knew everything couldnt give even give clean water to its believers but science which says true today could be false tomorrow i know nothing gives all our modern luxuries a and even poor man can listen to a full orchestra everyday" "all these great religions great cultures philosophies couldnt give even clean water regularly but secularism gives clean water food as a basic starting point"

InternationalSaint Khan

i Want to enjoy my life forever

InternationalCallum GoldingCanberra

I am a member of the Australian Humanist Society. As a promoter of universal human rights, freedom of speech and most importantly, freedom of (and from) belief, I think the work of this organizer is indispensable. I emigrated from the UK around six years ago and keep an active eye on the politics of rights abuses. My wife and I have a huge amount of respect for people in this sphere, such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Majid Nawaz, and after watching the exposure documentary by Deeyah Khan, everyone involved in this organization. You are all brave beyond words.

We sincerely commend the work you do.

Best wishes


InternationalHabibullah KhanLondon

I am Habibullah Khan from Bangladesh. I have been an ex muslim for 10 years unofficially .I left my country Bangladesh in 2011 because of my life threat by the fundamentalist. I faced many problems and life threats at my home town there and lived in the capital. My parents were also threatened so they did not help me.I always spoke against religious rigidity and about humanity that often went against strict rude religious followers. I was also member of many secular humanistic movement groups. In UK I am totally silent, but when I heard the name of the organization and make me activity again.But I have no idea about your organization and how it works. I am really interested in tin the activity of your group to join and work. please let and give me opportunity to join and work each other.
Thank you
Habibullah Khan

InternationalQayyum MazharBoden

I am 53 years old ex-muslim from Pakistan presently living in Sweden. I was never a Muslim to start with honestly. My ideas were not Muslim. Even my actions were not Muslim. My Problems with Islam and some of those are follows:

- There were way too many contradictions in the abrogation of verses.

- The inferiority of Women.

- The verses in Quran are vague and can be interpreted in multiple ways.

- Way to many problems in the Character of Muhammad.

- Many connections can be made in regards to the science that Islam proclaims to the science of early Greeks. Such as Embryology.

- Terrorism is inspired by the verses in Quran. I don't care if the terrorists don't understand Quran properly.

- Adam and Eve and Evolution just don't go side by side.

- Islam does not mean peace neither is it the second name of Islam. Islam means subservient to Allah.

- Morality can be explained Scientifically and we hope to do better at that in the coming years.

- Just because we don't know whats up with the Universe doesn't mean God did it. We just don't know.

- Accept Mortality. We gonna die, its as simple as that. No need to make a religion to help you feel better that even if you die you got
another shot at living an eternal life in a much better place.

- Earth or the Universe isn't finely tuned for us. Everything over here I find wants to kill me.

- Yes there are verses in Quran that proclaim Good and peace but that is nothing new. Christianity did that, Judaism did that. People
who are not Religious do good things. This argument proves nothing.

- Quran is heavily plagiarized.

InternationalSamuel EitingDayton

I join as a general resound of ending all violent religion.

UKSam RobertsonLondon

Not an ex Muslim, but a secular atheist, I think the abuse and intimidation that muslims in the UK and around the world face for wanting to change religion or heaven forbid choose not to believe is appalling and abhorrent. I would to like to live in a society and world where people are not fringed upon by theocratic states and individuals and want to thank the CEMB for the work they do and support the members and organisation in any way I can.

UKSajjad KhanBristol

I’ve reached that stage in life where I have serious reservations about the way of life I’ve been bought up with and question it’s validity. I have always been an open honest person that likes to form close relationships with all backgrounds, however I feel my faith is being a barrier to this and encourages the wrong behaviours to live in a peaceful world

UKIshtiaq HussainLeeds

I was born into a traditional muslim family and was raised as such. Forced into an arranged marriage at a young age (I;m sure you're aware that it doesn't only happen to girls), which turned out to be an unhappy one, changed my belief in Islam. It took many years before I was free of the marriage. I'm an in-the-closet atheist, as I have never had the courage to announce it to my family. I became aware of this organisation today, and feel a sense of relief that I can hear the thoughts of similar like-minded people. Partly because of the difference between my beliefs and that of my family's, I am currently living abroad (hopefully only temporarily). I believe that religion is toxic, and recently have stopped being an apologist and believe Islam in particular is a nasty form of mind control infecting the world. I am being careful to moderate my words as I don't want to offend.

UKSara HarrisonLiverpool

CEMB is the only place I can get genuinely useful advice for very specific problems- I’m a woman from a Muslim family, in a relationship with a non-muslim white man, and I’m not out to my parents about neither my apostasy or my “zina”.
I have often feared for my future; my parents have been abusive in the past and have the potential for more. With CEMB, especially the forum, I feel I am safe and I can gain valuable advice that can’t be found elsewhere.

UKSara HarrisonLiverpool

I am an arab, ex-muslim woman who deals with family pressures from very strict, religious parents. I have joined CEMB because I feel like I need a safe place to ask people in similar positions for advice without judgement. Being in a relationship with a white, non muslim man has made me fear for my future, as I don’t think I will ever marry a muslim. This fear is something that needs to be addressed within british muslim communities; honour-based violence is still alive and well, so it is important for those at risk to find support. I am hoping by joining CEMB I will find a safe community of people who can give me invaluable advice that no other group can.

UKShawon Syed Isteak HossainLondon

I am a human rights activist and campaigner. I do not have faith in god or religion, therefore i am an atheist. Coming from a muslim family and leaving Islam make me an ex-Muslim. I find the CEMB's works very much common with my activism.I was very much inspired by Madam Maryam Namazie's works and campaign. I also followed the CEMB activities which are absolutely encouraging and fantastic. I would be very glad to join with this great organization so that i can be a part of it's activities. Thanks.

InternationalKhalid AlkhudhayrIreland

Hello there,
I want to join you for many reasons, but the main one is to prove to the International Protection Office in Ireland that’s im an ex-muslim and I’ll try my best to be an activist about Islam and human rights, and I hope that will help me with my asylum process and make it faster .
Thank you .

InternationalUsman YousafSheffield

I'm an ex Muslim atheist originally from Pakistan but living in UK. I also run a blog website which addresses the issues of atheists and other minorities face in Pakistan. My mission is to promote atheism.

InternationalMaesha AaliyahMarseille

I live in France with my family and I want to join the organisation because i've been thinking lately about leaving Islam. I took my hijab off and since then, I feel better than ever. I also stopped praying and now I'm thinking about some logical arguments on why I should leave this religion. I don't want to do it for emotional reasons ; I need logical and intellectual reasons and ressources in order to leave this religion for fair and right reasons. I come from a country in Africa where Islam plays a huge role in our culture especially in our everyday lives. My parents never forced me to pray and to wear hijab (actually I wore it because I wanted to and against their will). And leaving Islam is the last thing that a person from my country would do : If so, you're ostrasized even if most of the people are not extremely religious : It is more a cultural matter.

UKAleem YawarLondon

18 year old ex muslim university student in the UK. Would love to meet like minded people of all ages.

InternationalJó Al HashemiKhobar

I just want to get out of here. People started to annoy me. My family is annoying me.
I need someone to help me.

InternationalTywyll MoonParis

I am a British Asian (female) living in Europe. I am using a pseudonym. I struggled with accepting many issues addressed in the Quran since I was 17. As a Vegan, I simply cannot accept the doctrine or the Islamic culture with a heavy focus on animal products. I cannot see Islam as a universal religion compatible with ALL times. In fact any religion can get in the way of spiritual development. I have been on the move as I do not want my family to find out, and I don't want to hurt them either. I have tried telling my siblings but they ignore me. For my protection, i am only in contact with my family (siblings, no parents sadly) via email for the past few years. I refuse to give them any other details and I keep moving. I absolutely don't want to hurt them and I miss them very much. I would rather avoid confrontation and pain.

InternationalAbdullah Chaudhry

I've been an atheist for about a year and a half now.

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