Islam’s Non-Believers

About the film-maker Deeyah Khan

Award-winning film-maker Deeyah Khan, who also directed the BAFTA nominated Jihad – A British Story (Jihad – A Story Of The Others) and Emmy award winning Banaz: A Love Story.

About the film-maker

This new documentary by Fuuse Films investigates the lives of ex-Muslims, who face extreme discrimination, ostracism, psychological abuse and violence as a result of leaving Islam.

Islam’s Non-Believers paints a vivid picture of the dangers facing those who renounce their faith. Some are at risk of suicide, or self-harm, or have been physically and psychologically abused by their closest family members. Most are terrified of being shunned by their own family and friends if their true beliefs become known.

Deeyah Khan, finds that many young British ex-Muslims live in the shadows hiding their true beliefs, running huge risks if they ‘come out’ as atheists within their religious communities. Some of those who speak in the film have asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

The film follows the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, a volunteer support group led by Iranian-born activist Maryam Namazie which supports ex-Muslims, often referred to as apostates or unbelievers, both in the UK and abroad. Maryam says: “They see us as people who are troublemakers, deviants, apostates, and blasphemers… There is nothing, nothing more intolerant than religion.”

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