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The Philosophy behind

Apostasy is often associated with shame, pain, disownment, death, depression, isolation and all things negative. Although these are a reality, apostasy is also a turning point for many to freedom, critical thinking and independence.

CEMB wants to celebrate apostasy. We have committed no crime, therefore we will not act as though we have done something to be ashamed of.

Apostasy frees our hearts and minds. Our coming out parties are a celebration of our freedom from the shackles of theology.

Sign up to receive your own apostasy certificate at an upcoming Coming Out Party. We have been issuing these certificates since April 2018.

Members of the CEMB, at our first coming out as an apostate party!
CEMB Certificate of Apostasy from Islam
This is a symbolic Certificate given to our members who join us for the party. (Arabic wording (La Elaha - لا اله ) means there is no God)

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