Past Events

Here's a list of all previous events held by the CEMB in the past years, please feel free to contact us, should you have any questions.

Past Events

june 2019

26jun6:00 pm8:00 pmBirmingham Support Group

21junAll DayLGBT Humanist Conference

18jun6:00 pm8:00 pm#RefugeeToo Open Mic meet Up

17jun12:00 pm2:00 pmProtest at Brunei Embassy to condemn stoning for homosexuality and adultery

15jun2:00 pm5:00 pmCEMB Social - Meet & Eat

04jun6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

01jun1:00 pm6:00 pmRamadan Fast-Defying Picnic

may 2019

30may6:00 pm8:00 pmBirmingham Support Group

28may6:00 pm8:00 pmMeet-Up with Lawyer Ana Gonzalez on apostasy and asylum

19may2:00 pm5:00 pmCEMB Social - Meet & Eat

17may12:00 pm2:00 pmProtest at Department for Education: Child Fasting is Child Abuse

07may6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

april 2019

30apr7:00 pm8:30 pmFinding Acceptance: LGBT and Apostasy

25apr6:00 pm8:00 pmBirmingham Support Group

23apr6:30 pm8:00 pmMeet-Up with Maryam Namazie on Open Borders

20apr2:00 pm5:00 pmCEMB Social - Movie & Munchies

06apr2:15 pm6:00 pmFilm Screening and Panel on Subversion and Dissent, Rich Mix

02apr6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

march 2019

29marAll Day31Days of Atheism, Warsaw, Poland

28mar6:00 pm8:00 pmBirmingham Support Group - Group cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

26mar6:00 pm8:00 pmLeaving Faith Behind - Meet up with Contributors Jimmy & Aliyah

23mar6:30 pm9:00 pmEx-Muslim Women Speak Out on International Atheist Day

23marAll DayAtheist Coming Out Day

21mar6:00 pm8:00 pmDebate at Brunel University

16mar2:00 pm5:00 pmCEMB Social - Movie & Munchies

08marAll Day8 March International Women's Day Protest: Women Against Allah

04mar6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

february 2019

28feb7:00 pm9:00 pmCambridge University on LGBT Rights, Atheism and Blasphemy

28feb6:00 pm8:00 pmBirmingham Support Group

27feb6:30 pm9:00 pmBloody Shame - How to lift the menstrual taboo (Debate & Drinks)

24feb9:00 am7:00 pmBritish Muslim Conference

16feb2:00 pm5:00 pmCEMB Social - Movie & Munchies

14feb6:30 pm10:00 pmWhy we defended Rushdie and why it is still important today: 30 Years After the Fatwa

12feb6:00 pm8:00 pmMeet-Up with Sadia Hameed on FGM and MGM

05feb6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

01feb2:00 pm3:00 pmWorld Hijab Day Protest #NoHijabDay - CANCELLED!

january 2019

31jan6:00 pm8:00 pmBirmingham Support Group

31jan10:00 am12:00 pm31 January 2019, Amsterdam Talk to students of Calvijn College Amsterdam and Het Amsterdams Lyceum

30jan8:00 pm10:00 pmDe Balie Freedom Lecture, Amsterdam

29jan7:00 pm9:00 pmFreedom Lecture, Brussels

22jan6:00 pm8:00 pmWarwick for Free Speech and Human Rights at Warwick University

20jan12:00 pm5:00 pmLGBT & Secular Rights At Risk: A Bangladesh Perspective

19jan2:00 pm5:00 pmCEMB Social - Movies & Munchies

16janAll DayNever Forget Fadime International Conference in Swedish Parliament

08jan6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

december 2018


04dec6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

november 2018

25novAll DayConference on Sharia, Segregation and Secularism

06nov6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

02novAll Day04San Francisco Freedom from Religion National Convention

october 2018

21oct1:45 pm3:15 pmFilia talk - Feminism and Class Struggle

20oct5:45 pm7:15 amFilia talk - Secularism is a Feminist Issue part 2

16oct6:30 pm9:00 pmAutumn Coming Out Party

10oct7:00 pm10:00 pmBullet Hole By Gloria Williams

02oct7:45 pmFeaturedBullet HoleBullet Hole @ Park Theatre

02oct6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

september 2018

25sepAll DayPOSTPONED - European Parliament in Brussels on “New Media and political communication in the Mediterranean”

22sep2:00 pm4:00 pmCEMB Social - Meet and Eat

10sep7:15 pm9:30 pmCardiff Humanists - Heresy, Blasphemy and Apostasy

04sep6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

august 2018

28aug6:00 pm8:00 pmMeet up with Imad Iddine Habib - 28th August 6pm

21aug5:00 pm9:00 pmBring and Share Heathen Veggie Eid Party

18aug2:00 pm4:00 pmCEMB social - Meet and Eat

11aug2:00 pm6:00 pmFestival of Reason & Freethought 2018 (For Ex-Believers & Non-Believers)

07aug6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

july 2018

24jul6:00 pm8:00 pmMeet up with Hassan Radwan - 24th July at 6pm

21jul10:30 am5:00 pmCEMB Social - Thorpe park Visit

07julAll DayLondon Pride

03jul6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

june 2018


23junAll Day2018 Muslimish Conference

18jun9:00 am2:00 pmVigil for imprisoned writers in Saudi Arabia - Friday 18 May, 9:00 am—Monday 18 June, 2:00 pm

16jun2:00 pm4:00 pmCEMB social - meet and eat

14jun6:00 pm9:00 pmLGBT Rights, Apostasy and Blasphemy at Pride Festival

05jun6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

02junAll DayUAAR Cagliari Public debate on state secularism and civil rights, Italy

may 2018

31may6:30 pmCEMB swimming lesson


22may(may 22)9:00 am23(may 23)12:00 pmSeminar at European Parliament on Fundamentalism & Neo-Liberalism in Europe

18may12:00 pm2:00 pmFast-Defying Protest in solidarity with those persecuted during Ramadan

04mayAll Day06Giornate Della Laicità 2018, Reggio Emilia, Italy

01may6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

april 2018

19apr7:00 pm12:00 amFEMEN 10th Anniversary: Riot Party

17apr6:30 pm8:30 pmSpring Coming Out Party, London

04apr6:00 pm8:00 pmMonthly Support Group

march 2018

27mar7:30 pm9:30 pmIslamist fundamentalism and its impact on women

06mar6:30 pm8:30 pmEvening with Houzan Mahmoud for International Women's Day

04mar11:30 am5:00 pmMarch4Women - 4th March 2018

february 2018

27feb6:00 pm8:00 pmCANCELLED - DUE TO POOR WEATHER Evening with lawyer Ana González on apostasy and asylum

10febAll DayLosing your Religion: ex-Muslims Speak, Melbourne

january 2018

30jan6:30 pm8:30 pmThe ex-Muslim experience through art workshop, London

20jan(jan 20)10:00 am22(jan 22)5:30 pmInternational Conference in Stockholm

13janAll DayAVEC CHARLIE, Laïcité, j'écris ton nom, Observatoire de la Laïcité de Saint Denis

09jan1:00 pm2:00 pmLondon protest for imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi

06janAll Day#Toujours Charlie, Paris

december 2017

10dec2:00 pm6:00 pmEnd-Year Celebration, London

02dec5:00 pm7:00 pmNormalising Dissent Tour, Islam and Identity, NYC

november 2017

30novAll Day01decNormalising Dissent Tour, Islam and Human Rights, MIT, Boston

17novAll DayCouncil of Ex-Muslims of Germany Event, Koln

10nov12:00 pm3:30 pmProtest at Iranian and Pakistani Embassies in defence of apostates and blasphemers, London

09nov7:30 pm9:30 pm"This House Has Lost Faith in Faith" debate at Cambridge Union

07nov6:30 pm8:30 pmEvening with Installation Artist Sadia Sadia

october 2017

28octAll DayAnarchist Book Fair

24oct6:30 pm8:30 pmEvening with Peter Tatchell, Human Rights Campaigneron the links between the gay rights and ex-Muslim rights

20oct(oct 20)9:30 am22(oct 22)12:30 pmBeyond all Fundamentalisms, Rome

19oct7:00 pm9:00 pmNottingham University ASH society 

14octAll Day15London Feminist Conference

13oct(oct 13)9:00 am15(oct 15)5:30 pmGrowing Signs of Fundamentalism, Belgrade

september 2017

26sep6:30 pm8:30 pmEvening with lawyer Ana Gonzálezon apostasy and asylum

15sepAll Day17Freedom from Religion Foundation40th National Convention, Madison, WI

july 2017

24jul2:00 pm6:00 pmBodypainting Action by Victoria Gugenheim in support of ex-Muslims

24jul2:00 pm8:00 pmBodypainting Actionby Victoria Gugenheim in support of ex-Muslims

22julAll Day24International Conference on Freedom of Conscience and Expression in the 21st Century

22julAll Day23International Conference onFreedom of Expression and Conscience in 21 Century

08julAll DayCEMB to join Gay Pride London

june 2017

27jun6:30 pm8:30 pmEvening with Rahila Gupta, Journalist and Activist

23junAll DayRamadan Fast Defying Action in solidarity with persecuted

16jun9:26 pm9:26 pmMark fifth anniversary of Raif Badawi’s arrest

may 2017

23may6:30 pm8:30 pmEvening with Daniel Fitzgerald, Imad Iddine Habib and Jimmy Bangash on Pride

12mayAll Day14Rationalist International Conference, Helsinki, Finland

april 2017

29aprAll Day‘Defending Progressivism’ London Conference

04apr6:30 pm8:30 pmEvening with Wissam Charafeddine, Co-Founder, Muslimish Support Network

march 2017

31marAll Day02aprAtheist Weekend, KFI Foundation, Poland

14mar7:00 pm9:00 pmUniversity of Edinburgh Humanist Society

11mar10:30 am2:00 pmCritical Sisters Launch, Cheltenham

08mar7:00 pm9:00 pmGoldsmiths University Viewing of Islam's Non Believers

february 2017

24feb8:00 pm9:00 pmOxford Brookes University

24feb6:00 pm8:00 pmSecularism and Diversity Conversation, Westminster University

23feb1:00 am1:00 amUniversity of Nottingham

15febAll DayConference on Islam, Secular Integration, Freedom of Speech

07feb6:30 pm8:30 pmEvening with lawyer Ana González on apostasy and asylum

january 2017

27jan6:00 pm9:00 pmLSE Human Rights Society Debate

december 2016

09dec6:00 pm9:00 pmSecularism, Freedom of Women, LGBT Rights, UCL

november 2016

09nov7:00 pm9:00 pmBristol University

03novAll DayAsturian Cooperation for Development, Oviedo, Spain

october 2016

24oct7:00 pm9:00 pmReligion, Spirituality and End of Life Care Event organised by Royal Society of Medicine

18oct7:00 pm9:00 pmEvening drinks with secular activist Chris Moos on gender segregation at universities

september 2016

23sepAll Day25Women in Secularism 4 conference in Arlington, VA

14sepAll Day16Keele international symposium on child protection, Shaffordshire

july 2016

18jul7:00 pm9:00 pmEvening Drinks with lawyer Ana González on apostasy and asylum

17jul7:00 pm9:00 pmLeicester Secular Society

09julAll DayWorkers' Liberty annual summer festival

01julAll DayFlashmob of apostates: “We need your Love”

june 2016

27jun7:00 pm9:00 pmEvening with Yasmin Rehman, Centre for Secular Space on Polygamy

25jun6:00 am9:00 amLondon Black Atheists

24jun12:00 am6:21 pmFast-defying during Ramadan

18jun10:00 am7:00 pmMuslimish 2016 Annual Conference

14jun6:00 am8:00 amDurham University

12junAll Day“Mean Tweets party”

11jun2:00 pm4:00 pmOxford Forum's Panel Discussion: Islam and Feminism

04junAll DayReason Rally in Washington DC

may 2016

17may7:00 pm9:00 pmNewcastle University Atheists & Secular Humanists, Newcastle

11may7:00 pm9:00 pmChiltern Humanists, Amersham

04may7:00 pm9:00 pmUniversity of Hull Atheist Society, Hull

april 2016

30apr11:30 am5:30 pm30 April: Day Conference on Sharia Law, Legal Pluralism and Access to Justice

28apr6:00 pm8:00 pmConference at Warwick University on Free Expression

27apr7:00 pm9:00 pmMerton College, Oxford

27apr6:30 pm8:30 pmBodley Club and Neave Society Event, Merton College, Oxford

24aprAll DayRationalist International Conference at Tallinn, Estonia

15aprAll DayMuslimish Conference

12apr7:00 pm9:00 pmEvening with ex-Muslim feminist Halima Begum, central London

march 2016

19marAll DayFestival of ideas, Bristol

17mar5:00 pm6:00 pm17 March Rally at NUS: Revise Safe Space and No Platform Policies to Facilitate not Restrict Free Expression and Thought