UPDATE 9 May 2023: #YoussefMehrad & #SyedSadrullahFazlizare held in Arak prison #Iran been transferred to solitary. Both men sentenced to death on blasphemy charges. Sudden transfer to solitary is sign they may be executed imminently, usually during morning call to prayers. #Iran #MahsaAmini


#YoussefMehrad and #SyedSadrullahFazlizare, two prisoners of conscience held in Arak prison, have been transferred to solitary confinement, per various reports. Both men have been sentenced to death on blasphemy charges (Sab al-Nabi: insulting the sacred). The sudden transfer of prisoners to solitary is a sign that they may be executed imminently, usually during the morning Azaan or call to prayers. A protest has been called in front of the prison before morning prayers on Friday 6 May to demand a cancellation of the executions.

Ex-Muslims International is deeply concerned about the fate of these two prisoners of conscience. We condemn the blasphemy charges and the death penalty in all cases. Blasphemy is not a crime but a basic human right. Both men must be released immediately and unconditionally and the Islamic regime of Iran unequivocally condemned for its gross human rights violations.
#یوسف_مهراد و #سیدصدرالله_فاضلی‌زارع، دو زندانی‌با اتهام سب‌النبی ( توهین به مقدسات) برای اجرای حکم قتل حکومتی به انفرادی زندان اراک منتقل شدند خانواده یوسف از هموطنان ساکن و نزدیک اراک در خواست کمک کرده است. #مهسا_امينی‌‌‌‌‌‌‌