Update No. 6: Australian Government must ensure Zara Kay’s safe passage out of Tanzania

16 February 2021

The International Coalition of Ex-Muslims calls on the Australian Government to take immediate action to ensure Zara Kay’s safe passage from Tanzania given the serious risks to her life and safety.

Despite her contact with the Australian High Commission since October 2020 out of concern for the threats against her, and again after 31 December 2020, when she was released on bail, they have not been forthcoming.

An international legal team consisting of pro bono lawyers in London and Australia have now taken on Zara’s case to secure the Australian government’s intervention in getting Zara to safety.

Zara Kay, Founder of Faithless Hijabi, was detained on trumped up charges on 28 December and held for 32 hours at the Dar es-Salaam Oysterbay Police Station. A credible source has revealed that the charges against Zara were politically-motivated and had been instigated by some members of Zara’s former Khoja Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat community who are opposed to her apostasy, blasphemy and activism.

The Coalition calls on the public to continue to pressure the Australian government to take immediate action to ensure Zara Kay’s urgent and safe passage out of Tanzania.


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