November 27, 2019
The hijab: “preventing common impositions” was published in Workers Liberty Solidarity in defence of banning child veiling on 27 November 2019. Maryam Namazie is an activist with the Council of Ex-Muslims and other secularist groups. On the issue of child veiling, a state ban on conspicuous religious symbols for children is an important defence of […]
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November 15, 2019
See video footage of a discussion on apostasy from Islam, blasphemy and free expression with the brilliant Sarah Haider and Shabana Rehman in Oslo at an event organised by Ateistene and Human-Etisk Forbund Norway.
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November 7, 2019 ex-muslims council of britain, atheist, secular, atheism, humanism, Patreon, Patron, refuge, refugee, asylum, laws, apostate, blasphemer, accommodation, emergency accommodation, emergency, Islam, human rights, equality, freedom, freedom of speech, honour based violence, corrective rape, forced marriage, domestic abuse, mental health, suicide, hope, Patreon
You can now become a Council of Ex Muslims of Britain Patron which allows you to see behind the scenes during our campaigns along with other benefits depending on your chosen tier. We are s fundraising for safe emergency accommodation for our clients. CEMB is a support service for individuals who have left Islam (otherwise […]
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October 29, 2019
The Rise of Ex Muslims: Maryam Namazie, Zara Kay, Armin Navabi, Atheists Assemble Video, 29 October 2019
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October 28, 2019
Gays & Vaccines! Jimmy Bangash, GM Skeptic, Sadia Hameed, Atheists Assemble Video, 28 October 2019
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September 12, 2019 Atheist Ireland
Atheist Ireland has today published a set of free lesson plans about atheism for children aged 8 and up. Schools and teachers can use the lesson plans during the school year, at whatever class level they feel is best. Parents can also use the lesson plans directly. They can discuss them one-to-one with their child, […]
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September 12, 2019
Media Coverage of #CelebratingDissent Festival at De Balie, Amsterdam during 30 August -1 September 2019 Celebrating Dissent festival, Humanistisch Verbond, 11 September 2019 Stand with the witches, heretics and blasphemers, Interview with Maryam Namazie, sister-hood, 10 September 2019 No Longer Without You Review, sister-hood, 10 September 2019 Celebrating Dissent – reflections after the festival, Humanisterna, […]
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June 6, 2019
In the past years, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain has held fast-defying protests at embassies in solidarity with those who are persecuted for eating and drinking during Ramadan. This year, CEMB’s fast-defying action included a protest at the Department for Education on 17th May to highlight the Department’s inaction with regards to child fasting in […]
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June 5, 2019 Screengrab from VICE News documentary “The Islamic State” by reporter Medyan Dairieh. (Image: VICE/YouTube)
Shaking Faith: How ISIS is causing Muslims to abandon Islam. Modern Muslim Living, 5 June 2019
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May 23, 2019
Spokesperson Sadia Hameed interviewing Megan Mason for Filia. Listen to the full talk re secularism here
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