June 26, 2023
On 1 July, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) marched at Pride in London to celebrate Liberation as Riot and defend the revolution in Iran that is challenging Islam and Islamism and defending Woman, Life, Freedom, LGBT rights, secularism and more. On this day, we also raged against the execution and murder of women, dissenters, LGBT, apostates and blasphemers in countries under Islamic law. Just this year alone, over 300 dissenters have been executed by the regime in Iran, including Youssef Mehrad and Seyed Sadrullah Fazlizare for blasphemy in May.
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June 24, 2023
The Islamic regime of Iran’s machinery of execution has never stopped since its inception. The wave of repression, killings and executions has intensified, especially in Baluchistan, Kurdistan and Khuzestan. The numbers of executed this month alone have been at least 142 people; so far this year, 307 people have been executed in Iran. Many more are at risk. We, left, democratic, feminist, LGBTQIA+, and anti-national oppression activists, collectives and organisations have faced repression, censorship and torture like many others. In exile and as refugees, many of us continue to face threats and harassment. Nonetheless, we have persisted in organising and...
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May 5, 2023
UPDATE 9 May 2023: #YoussefMehrad & #SyedSadrullahFazlizare held in Arak prison #Iran been transferred to solitary. Both men sentenced to death on blasphemy charges. Sudden transfer to solitary is sign they may be executed imminently, usually during morning call to prayers. #Iran #MahsaAmini BACKGROUND #YoussefMehrad and #SyedSadrullahFazlizare, two prisoners of conscience held in Arak prison, have been transferred to solitary confinement, per various reports. Both men have been sentenced to death on blasphemy charges (Sab al-Nabi: insulting the sacred). The sudden transfer of prisoners to solitary is a sign that they may be executed imminently, usually during the morning Azaan...
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February 2, 2023
In London, 4 February, there was an action for #FreeSoheilArabi #FreePoliticalPrisonersinIran Film by Reason4Freedom It includes messages of solidarity with Soheil and political prisoners in Iran. Please continue to send us messages of support to Soheil. Also, please continue contacting elected representatives to take action. Actions took place in other cities too and by organisations that are politically sponsoring Soheil Arabi – see below. Actions took place in other cities and on social media on the day too. UPDATE: Soheil Arabi was beaten so badly during his arrest that he reportedly had a heart attack and was taken to hospital....
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January 31, 2023
On 1 February, World Hijab Day, women took part in a global body riot to defend the women’s revolution in Iran and for woman, life, freedom. They took action, topless or with bras on, to challenge compulsory hijab rules that has killed Mahsa Jina Amini on 16 September and has and continues to suppress countless women and girls in Iran, Afghanistan and across the globe. In London, women carried out a topless action at Trafalgar Square. The action was organised by CEMB, One Law for All and FEMEN and received coverage, including; Iranian topless body riot feminist protest, Trafalgar Square,...
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January 8, 2023
On 7 January, Iran executed another two young men on charges of ‘spreading corruption on earth’ during the morning call to prayers. This time it was Mohammad Mehdi Karami, 21, a karate champion and Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, 20, a volunteer children’s coach. Within weeks of being arrested and convicted, the two were executed after being tortured to elicit false confessions and denied the rights to an attorney or appeal. Their families were not permitted to see them before they were killed. The current executions are a continuation of the killing of protestors on the streets of Iran since the murder...
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January 2, 2023
#HaramDoodles kickstarted #SinceILeftIslam series during December for #ExMuslimAwarenessMonth with the help of ex-Muslims to highlight their experiences after leaving Islam. CEMB Spokesperson Maryam Namazie was also featured in it. @Haramdoodles wrote: ‘May we all be as shameless and courageous as @maryamnamazie, an Iranian-born human rights activist, secularist and change maker who dares to dissent. Join Maryam and the people of Iran in protest of the Islamic Regime and let’s raise our voices together for women, life and freedom! 💪🏽✌🏽✊🏽Thank you Maryam for sharing what’s changed for you since you left Islam. ♥️’
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November 21, 2022
Is the Corrupt World Cup Just PR for Qatar? | The Table, Byline TV, 21 November 2022
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November 8, 2022
Salman Rushdie and the Women’s Revolution in Iran are Linked, NSS Blog, 8 November 2022 By Maryam Namazie There is a direct link between the threats and violence faced by Salman Rushdie and that faced by generations of women and men in Iran, says Maryam Namazie.. Salman Rushdie’s agent has confirmed that the courageous writer has lost sight in one eye and the use of one hand after a brutal attack whilst he was preparing to speak at an event on asylum for writers. The attack in New York state on August 12th has been a stark reminder that even decades after...
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November 3, 2022
‘Cheers To Iranian Women’ by Pune Parsafar, dedicated to brave #women of #Iran. Has interviews with activists with Farideh Arman, Shahla Daneshfar, Shiva Mahbobi, Mina Ahadi, Mersedeh Ghaedi & Maryam Namazie This is a clip from Maryam Namazie’s interview: See full film on Vimeo: به سلامتی زنان ایر فیلم پونه پارسافر تقدیم به #زنان دلیر #ایران. با فریده آرمان، شهلا دانشفر، شیوا محبوبی، مینا احدی، مرسده قائدی و مریم نمازی مصاحبه کرده است. این بخش مصاحبه من است در فیلم. کل‌فیلم‌را اینجا ببینید #MahsaAmini #womansrevolution #IranProtests2022 #IranRevolution2022 #NationalStrike #OpIran #WomanLifeFreedom #ایران #مهسا_امینی #انقلاب_زنانه #اعتصابات_سراسری #زن_زندگی_آزادی
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