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October 29, 2013
Earlier this year, Maryam Namazie was approached by the production company making the BBC documentary ‘When Tommy met Mo’, about the interaction between Tommy Robinson and Mo Ansar. They asked if we could put them in touch with any women who had been discriminated against in British sharia courts. We declined to help because framing […]
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October 22, 2013
Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) Press Release October 22, 2013 Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) exists to build a community and provide a sense of solidarity for Ex-Muslims: people who used to identify as Muslim, and who no longer do so. We cater exclusively to the needs of Ex-Muslim atheists, agnostics, skeptics, humanists, and freethinkers. […]
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September 24, 2013
Here’s a tribute to the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain’s young member and activist Irtaza Hussain who tragically committed suicide on 11 September. Irtaza was an active member of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain. In his membership statement he wrote: “Islam quite simply did not provide enough answers at all and was fairly credulous. […]
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August 14, 2013
The issue of apostasy without a focus on Islam and Islamism is irrelevant in this era as it is only apostates from Islam who are killed due to Islamism’s access and influence. The CEMB is an important challenge to this regressive movement. Support us.
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August 12, 2013
A Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain member, The Rationaliser, has a new website to help with research on Islam or the Quran. Features include: 1: Search 2: Ability to view each verse word-by-word and to see where else in the Quran the same Arabic word is used (helps with context) 3: Verses have links to […]
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July 8, 2013
The Council of Ex-Muslims of France held a successful launch in Paris hosted by Femmes Solidaires on 6 July 2013. The launch marked the torture and murder of young Frenchman Jean-François Lefevre de la Barre in 1766 for refusing to remove his hat while a religious procession passed by and was a reminder of the […]
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July 3, 2013
Dear friend For the past six years, the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) has been a “beacon of hope” for many. As the first organisation of its kind, the CEMB has been established to break the taboo that comes with leaving Islam; highlight the problems ex-Muslims face; provide a network for support; raise awareness; and campaign […]
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July 3, 2013
The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) held a successful 6th anniversary celebration luncheon in London on 15 June 2013. Guests heard from writer Kenan Malik, Centre for Secular Space Director Gita Sahgal, comedian Kate Smurthwaite, and CEMB co-Spokesperson Maryam Namazie. Magician Neil Edwards also performed. CEMB co-Spokesperson Nahla Mahmoud was Master of Ceremonies. You […]
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July 2, 2013
My story is long and it started 10 years ago. I know you are concerned with human rights issues and here is my side…do with it as you please. I lived a horrible abused life in Saudi Arabia. I have a blog that describes it all. I came to Canada in 2003 on a medical […]
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June 19, 2013
My recent experiences indicate that there is a need for a support organisation in New Zealand (NZ) for those who decide to leave Islam. To my knowledge there currently is no such organisation in place. The needs of ex-Muslims are somewhat unique compared with those leaving other religions. For those turning from Islam to another […]
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