NameMahin Memon

Hi, first of allI’m very happy to found a community for people like me (Ex-Muslims), someone I can relate my thoughts to.
As growing up in a strict Muslim family I’ve always been held down to do things I wanted which is very bare minimum for normal people like watching tv, listening to music, making friends with people of different religions and backgrounds etc.
And the religion didn’t always made sense to me but I was also not allowed to raise questions as it would make me a ‘Kaafir’. As soon as I turned 18 I escaped my parents but that wasn’t the solution at all they tracked me down to a diff city and took me back home.. I love tattoos it’s like collecting art on my body so I had gotten few tiny ones out of their knowledge but when they found it not only they threatened me not to get anymore but burnt my leg to teach me a lesson. I knew this wasn’t it, I had to escape this tortured life. So I took a loan and flew away to the UK from India. I’m very happy here, I live with my girlfriend and our two pet kids (cats). Just came across this organisation online and thought might as well join it to share my thoughts and feelings. As I still suffer from nightmares and anxiety sometimes bc of the fear my family have put in my mind. There’s a lot more to share but I reckon I don’t wanna write paragraphs here.
Would love to be part of the community where I belong and they understand me and my values.