NameSaffi ex-Salafi

A normal middle class girl from the Home Counties, my mum a nurse my dad an architect, I converted to Islam at 18 and became a salafi (v. strict). I married an Arab had a child and lived in Arab countries for a while. Over time I saw more and more hatred and suppression in the \'peaceful religion of the one true god\' I was a strict salafi and devoted my time staying at home listening to quran & memorising it, learning Arabic and reading numerous religious books I loved reading hadiths. As I read more and more I found one thing after another that shocked me but as soon as I had these thoughts I would make wudoo and read ayat al Kursi to put it out of my mind. But the thoughts that certain things were wrong kept coming back until one day I read some hadith about what should happen to apostates and just thought a belief system that doesn\'t let you leave it can\'t be right! It\'s been a long hard road to freedom for me and have had death threats etc. Islam has taught me a lot of lessons though and the whole journey has made me who I am, I have not really met anyone who has had a similar experience yet so I\'m hoping through this organisation I won\'t feel like the only one any more. Sorry my statement so long. It\'s a relief to get it off my chest.