NameMahdi Ghaderi

I always have been curious about life and this curiosity pushed me to start huge research about religions.Four years ago while I was at the begenig of this reasurch I was full of fea ,hopel ess,alone and l ost.There was no one to guide me on the othere hand finding athoritativr sources about relegion was imposible in Iran and I beleive still its difficult.Although it was really hard but I managed to cut the relationship between myself and something I used to believe in it as a God. I feel I am more open mind after all these thanks to Dr. Richard Dawkinz's books but the only thing is that I should stop doing research and I should continue the journey that started four years ago and to fulfill it I need to be people who already passed the path I am going through, I need to feel that I am with a team, a group. The team can guide me and I can be supportive, so I would be grateful if you accept me as a member of your team. Thank you