NameAdam Mribet

I feel I am spending a life being persecuted. I have never believed in Islam but my country and society consider me Muslim just because I was born in Morocco. I am forced to live a double life because if I don't I risk losing my job and I can even be physically assaulted and imprisoned if I decide to just be myself. Sometimes you say that's just the way it is and you live with it. But living like that is no life. It's being dead. Yet all I ask is that people accept my difference as I accept others'. I don't have a problem with Muslims but on the contrary I am happy for them that they feel good about their religion and their way of being, but I also want to feel good about my way of being and be accepted. The fact that you are not Muslim, being Moroccan, hides everything about you, once you know that, you don't see that you are a helpful person who loves others, who wants good for everyone and who wants his country to move forward, but rather you will be associated with all bad things. Today I find myself stuck in all this. I am a 31 year old man full of ambition, I studied accounting, control and auditing and today I am a financial auditor in a big 4, I have done what it takes to be good in my life but there is this thing that makes me never happy if nothing changes. I'm stuck. Sometimes I think if only I could believe in God it might have been easier for me but I never believed in religions, my brain just doesn't accept that but respects people who do. I'm ready to hold on to every glimmer of hope that can make this situation change and I'm ready to militate with all my strength for this cause because I know exactly how many people like me feel in countries that don't respect people's freedom of belief and I know very well the Muslim society and how it works and its limits. I want to be able to blossom in the time I have left to live, that's all I'm asking for, and for that I'm asking for help, because I couldn't do it alone.