THISHi everyone,

I was born and educated as a Muslim in North Africa. Although, I am a British and Algerian citizen, now living in Algeria. I was beaten at school at very early age just for asking questions about Islam that the teachers could not answer. Instead of this violent method breaking me down, it had the opposite effect. It has in fact pushed me to put the whole Coran in context and convince me that, the same violence has been used on my ancestors in order to get their submission to Islam. The same violence is still in use today across the Muslim world. For me, it is the plain truth that Islam is violent religion and not a religion of peace as most Muslims pretend

I write extensively now about the mistakes in Coran and Islam as an invader rather a liberator. Furthermore, more than 90% of Muslims have been converted by force and not by peace. In 1990, I created the “The non-Arab Muslims against Islam” association in order to expose the contradiction within Islam and Coran. Unfortunately, it was too early for Muslims to accept such association. It was therefore dissolved in 1993. Again, fear and violence were the winners.

I am happy to see that the world has moved on now and I wish to become a full of the council by all means of contribution.

Thank you

Ahmed Brahimi