NameAbu Sabr

I'm an ex-muslim from Bangladesh. I came to study in London in 2022. I've been following the ex-muslim movements and personalities like Yasmine Mohamed, Apostate prophet and many others for a long time. I want to join this movement, because this extremely important for the world.
I left Islam only because I was exposed to the the criticisms of Islam in an app called 9chat, an extension of 9gag, which the developers dissolved now.
It was actually me trying to prove the posts wrong, went to see the actual source and was shocked, that those things are real. Not just some smears.
With discussions and heated debates sometimes I was able to convince a guy living in Saudi Arabia and a Malaysian girl, both in 9chat app, that Islam is false. I was also able to reach out to my niece about the falsity of Islam as well. She is an ex-muslim too.

As the internet keeps growing in muslim communities everyday, ex-muslim activism plays a crucial role. If I was exposed to the truth and could reach all these people, others can too. And we need to keep exposing it more, evenif it's a repetition of the same thing.

Ex-muslim movement will be an extremely important movement in this century, and we should be doing what we can to expand it.