NameLama Alshammari

I born and raised in Saudi Arabia, which is a Muslim country, it had never been a choice whither to be Muslim or not. I became an agnostic in 2017, from that time until I left the country, I pretend that I’m Muslim In front of all the people around me which was irritating and risky. I can’t always consent upon their religious discussions but I tried my best to remain silent about my views. Islam Is a religion that encourages racism, violence and persecution in all its forms, it enhances the idea to be polite to patriarchy. The patriarchy in it socializes women to seek men validation, to acquiesce and to be compliant. The Saudi government has figured out a way to look at the Islamic laws and to find ways to make it work for them. The Saudi Arabian law does not recognize religious freedom for Saudi citizens since it is a dictatorship country. I have been pretending that I’m religious for more than four years now and I escaped because I want this to stop.