NameKozhen Ahmed Aziz

I was born in Iraq in 1998 as Kurdish minority. Because of the strict nature of being a Salafi Muslim, I was constantly beaten up by my father since childhood as I refused to attend the mosque and the madrasah. I just to challenge them by rejecting the strict rules as I did not want to follow Islam as I find it too restricting and saw what Daesh did to my country. As a result, my father disowned me and the rest of the relatives and friends in Iraq did not want to do anything with me.I have been through excluded from everyone I know, psychological and extreme physical abuse.
I came to UK clandestinely on 14th October 2016 and sought asylum on the basis of fearing persecution if returned to Iraq because i am an atheist. I have tried to seek help even here, I kept being rejected by Kurdish Muslim people and been living in the shadows and low key in Leicester.
My English is not that good and I did not know that your organisation was there to support people like me. A friend is typing my statement as I am speaking.
I urgently need your support and help as my asylum claim keep being rejected on asylum grounds, humanitarian protection and on human rights ground. I am very desperate and I am in real fear of my life if I am returned to Iraq. I want to live in UK and be free of religious prosecution. Your organisation has the right ideals that I want to live my life with. I would be grateful if you could help me asap. Your organisation is my only way for help and support that I can get. If not, I am prepared to do anything.
I am enclosing the first and last page of my tribunal asylum appeal.