NameM Kamran

I am of south asian decent and grw up in the UK. While I wasn't too practicing but as I started growing older I wanted to be more with islam and as I started researching about Islam just to know more I started finding issues with what I was learning in school and in general sciences as I like to research and learn the things I am interested in for fun instead over time it started making me doubt islam. Finally at the age of 19 I renounced my faith and have been an agnostic since. I am in the closet about my beliefs as it would cause issues for my family and my connections with them and for that I am looking for a sense of belonging and community. As it is very hard to constantly pretend. I am currently trying to find my way of becoming fully financially independent through part time jobs and university which I delayed to start with due to covid and few other reasons. I am currently in my 20s and was looking for a place where I can meet or feel like a place I belong to the least