NameMaryam Sohrabi

I am a 23 year old women originally from Kurdistan of Iran. I have been a student in UK for over 6 years now studying medical sciences. I grew up in a non-religious family with both my parents being non-believers so from a very young I started questioning not only Islam but also religion all together. As I started living in this country I began learning about other aspects, became a feminist and started believing in equality for everyone regardless of their gender, beliefs, sexual orientation and sexuality. I have been a non-Muslim from the very first time I started learning about Islam. I never believed in a God who would entitle women to be reproductive machines for their husbands. I never believed in a God who would burn you in hell if you show hair or if you do not pray, fast. It always bothered me that we were not able to question Islam and God in school and I had almost gotten expelled from high school for doing so. Finally, I am an atheist who lived in a Muslim country for 18 years of her life. And I think it is the time for me to say it out loud I am not a Muslim by joining this society.