NameAram Zidan

I was born and raised Muslim in the city of Ramallah, Palestine to a moderately religious family. I began questioning my faith around age 15, and now I'm a 21 y/o convinced atheist. I'm open about my atheism with most of my friends and colleagues considering my city to be "relatively" more liberal than other Palestinian cities, but my family knows little about it.
I usually offer help and educate other people here in Palestine, through social media and group discussions. I even managed to civilize dozens of people I know about religiosity and human rights, and some even abandoned Islam.
I'm currently studying Medicine and will probably move to the UK to continue my training and pursue a career there, so I hope joining this organization will give me a closer look to its work, and maybe I'll be welcomed with friendly faces when I come to the UK in the future.
All love.