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NameKamran Sheikh

I am from a religious family and have a religious past until I read Koran\'s translation for the first time. I used to read the whole Koran every Ramadan like most Pakistanis, just in Arabic, without knowing what the hell I was reading. But this time I decided to read translation to find out what was God\'s message in this book for me and my fellow Muslims. As I started reading the translation, I was so much frightened by the language and tone. Questions were popping up in my head and I was telling myself, \"no these are evil thoughts which I have to ignore, I must suppress them\".
The following year (probably 1997) I read Koran translation again during the month of Ramadan. I read the whole Koran. But this time I was not scared. I was very clear. I said loudly, \"I am not an idiot who will follow such load of crap\".
The first thing Muslims tell their children is not to ask questions. Any questing which comes into your mind is from Satan and we must ignore it. This is how we are brought up. Even on the second page Koran itself says \"this book is guidance for those who believed in it without seeing (blindly)\".
Is this hard to see that Islam is full of hate against all who do not believe in Islam? Instead of condemning slavery, Islam condemns slave how disobeys his master. Koran clearly says you can not engage in sexual activity outside wedlock, but you can have sex with your slave woman. All sects of Islam agree Muhammad had sex with an underage girl, but when you mention this Muslims get offended. Women are described as commodity and are described as inferior to men. If I start writing about Islam, probably I shall end up writing a whole book.
I look at this world and people and ask myself, what\'s wrong with them? Why people do not see? Why do they want to follow stupid, senseless and dumb stories from the dark ages? Why people believe Virgin Mary gave birth to son of god? Does this make sense? Why do Jews wake up every morning, with man thanking god for not making him a woman and woman thanking god for giving her a man to look after? Why Muslims do not see they are following a child molester and a preacher of hate? Why do people not wake up and stop following dark ages? Life can be easy, simple and beautiful then why do people make it complicated, hard and full of hate by following childish and senseless theories?
I think you have taken a very positive step by setting up this website. I am very happy to see there are people who think the same way as I do.

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