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Because I have never been given the chance to choose my religion, and because Islam was imposed on me (just like it was on many walking in the streets now), as was the religious education and cultural brain washing. And finally because as a human I have the right to choose what I believe in. Being raised and deprived from essential rights for being a Muslim is a never-ending nightmare. Freedom never comes when you\'re a Muslim, only continuous lies and I\'m done with that. I\'m 25 years old, a female, and lately I\'ve been reading a lot away from the \"I\'m not supposed to be reading\" taboo. Luckily I\'ve been opening many forbidden doors, those which my culture forbid me to confront myself with, I\'ve also been asking many questions, and then answering them ALONE, without any quran or hadeeth\'s help. Once you come to that confidence in your own judgment of what\'s possible and what\'s right, what\'s impossible and what\'s wrong, only then you come to the answer that the supposed peaceful religion -Islam- is the darkest, most humiliating and cruel belief. And for that, and for being so weak to stand upon my beliefs and fight a whole system of religious ppl out there. I want to join. Not because I want to feel secured of having others that are going through what I\'m going now. But because I want to be free at least between me and myself.

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