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NameZain Raza

I am an ex-Muslim and British-Pakistani. To believe in the myths and fables of 7th century Arabia is to believe in a fairy story. To hold those myths as a correct statement of reality such that all the complexity, beauty and vastness of the cosmos is reduced to the playground of a vindictive and cruel bully; that somehow there exists a place called hell where man will be burnt again and again forever for having the temerity not to worship this forgiving god - this is an impoverished, ridiculously naive and infuriatingly arrogant, snobbish and pathetic belief. Mankind would do better without this racist, sexist, homophobic and warmongering desert cult; mankind would do better to trust in its own intelligence and stop empowering such an anthropomorphic vision of god. I have left the grips of a guilt-ridden, rotten existence as a Muslim and hope that all those who are trapped in this belief will do so too.

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