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NameMohamed Ali

I live with 2 very religious parents who have made it abundantly clear that lacking faith or converting is absolutely unacceptable. They say a main value of Islam is to be truthful and to not talk behind people's backs yet they are the ones who talk behind the backs of everyone who isn't a Muslim. And it is for some reason fine for others to experiment with faiths so long as they end up a Muslim, but if they don't then they are for some reason misguided. I want to join because I want to be a part of a group who want to leave regardless of the risks at hand, and I can't stand staying quiet for any longer. I recently came across Hassan Radwan's work and certain videos revealed the true colours of Islam to me, and it wasn't opinion or possible negative interpretations, it was the very text millions swear by. And now I've got myself a copy of The Satanic Verses, and I'm interested in finding out what unfolds within the book. There have been many contradictions pointed out to me and I officially left the religion on my own accord halfway through last year, but I've yet to tell my parents.

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