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Nameaziz azar

I'm from morocco 33 years
I left Islam And I became an atheist Secretly ,But I am persecuted in ,Deprived of the statement that I am an ,Afraid to say I am an atheist in morocco Because of imprisonment and torture ,I break the fast in Ramadan in secret Because of the fear of imprisonment ,I Morocco poses a threat to my life ,I cannot say I am an atheist ,I do not confess to something called a god ,I do not admit any religion ,I don't want to live in an Islamic country ,I want to be free from slavery And fear and repression ,I want to fight to publish Atheistic thought and Atheistic belief ,I want to do something to free people's minds of myths ,but I can not Because I'm in A dictatorial, Islamic and repressive state
Notice :A story occurred to me
In the past When I became an atheist ,A discussion took place Between me and my brothers ,I told them that I had become an atheist And everyone started hitting me ,The beating caused me a wound In the right eye cornea I lost looking at my right eye And i am lay in hospital for a week Then a month later Then restore vision With only 1% level and This caused me in complications This made me need three surgeries in my right eye now and I have all the medical papers proving this ,at the end They threatened me If i tell the police They will tell them I am an atheist and Apostate from the religion of Islam ,And Moroccan law says In chapter 220 Worship Crime Law (Anyone who renounces his religion Or use seduction To shake the Muslim faith Or convert it to another religion He shall be punished with detention From six months to three years And a fine of one hundred to five hundred dirhams) And also In chapter 222 Worship Crime Law (Everyone known to convert to Islam And profess to break the fast during the day in Ramadan He shall be punished with detention From one month to six months And a fine of twelve to one hundred and twenty dirhams) And the Quran says In Surat Al Tawbah In verse 11 (Whoever let Islam be killed) And Muhammad, the Messenger of Islam, said (Whoever replaces his religion, kill him) These are addresses Verses of killing Who came out of Islam And non-Muslims (Surat An-Nisa, verse 84) (Surat An-Nisa, verse 89) (Surat An-Nisa, verse 91) (Surat Al-Tawbah verse 5) (Surat Al-Tawbah verse 12) (Surat Al-Tawbah verse 14) (Surat Al-Tawbah verse 36) (Surah Al-Anfal verse 39) (Surah Muhammad verse 4).
I want to live in a non-Muslim country And revoking the Moroccan nationality And not to return to Morocco forever
Please help me To be free from the chains of slavery, oppression and fear ,and also did something to free people's minds ,of Myths of Religions and gods

Some and a little Of Hidden facts and figures Which he does not know The international community And most Moroccans
ladies and gentlemen, the situation is much worse in Morocco ,Because Morocco does not have democracy Morocco is a dictatorship And an Islamic constitution Then numb the people's minds Myths of Religion And they rule the people with religion ,Is the country that builds its goals Only scorers ,the first Ignorance of the people In order not to know his rights and that is done by Education struck and crashed And creating a very low educational system And control the minds of people With the idea that the king is a holy person Forbidden in religion criticized the king And who criticizes the king Punished with imprisonment and sometimes The punishment is up to (20) years Knowing that he is the first and largest thief in Morocco People sanctify a thief, not a king in Morocco We have starved and poverty Proof of this He is the fifth richest king in the world ,It alone controls 85% of the Moroccan economy ,And 4 landowners in the world ,And the budget of the king's palaces in Morocco 700 thousand euros a day Equal Approximately 250 million euros a year plus Pay The king and his family 250 million euros a year and Phosphate mines, gold, silver, precious stones and precious metals And gas fields And for more more All this enters In the group of companies of the king and his family The king also has 29 million euros a day Of taxes So he does not pay her ,Why ,Because he is the holy and dominant king On the economy, parliament, the judiciary, the press, and the media and Natural Resources in morocco ,The king is the largest farmer in Morocco The king is the largest building of real estate in Morocco and The people are starving And in some areas of Morocco The citizen is still working One euro a day
and The second goal is Poor people and that is done by raise prices and Non-raising of Pay To stay Citizen only thinks When he wakes up How to get money To eat And looking work to live So you find the Moroccan citizen At the age of 50 years not married He has no home no work poor It has no future His life lost Moroccan citizen at the age of fifty sixty And more He could not even meet the physiological demands In which the human and the animal are equal it's marriage, sex, eating, drinking and sleeping
Morocco is a very, very rich country and a poor people Because of the dictator's king and his family ,I did not tell you everything I have all the evidence for this And a statistic from international organizations It is internationally recognized And many things I did not tell you I written book About the situation in Morocco and the Moroccan system and the king And about atheism But I can't speak And I am inside Morocco Because of my fear of imprisonment and torture As he did with those who spoke before me No need to say names The detainees And the kidnapped
Please help me To migrate to your country and sought political asylum Because i am opponent To the dictator's king and I want to drop citizenship morocco And because I am an atheist In an Islamic country
Please maintain my messages And keep my information in a secret Or someone Moroccan embassy in your country Because they are the servants of the king Or any Moroccan person do not tell him
The logo is Do not trust anyone
please help me
I apologize for disturbing
I apologize for the length of the message
thank you very much

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