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NameSayed Khaled

I am from Bangladesh. I have left my inheritance religion since 15 years. I have studied about many religion books around the world. Just i got myth from those books there are imaginary tales nothing else. So i am following to humanism rules. I have read about dialectic materialism,
1. The unity and contradiction of opposites. Contradiction is inherent in everything and everything contains its opposite.
2. Quantitative changes become qualitative changes. For example, if we keep turning up the heat under water (quantitative change) eventually we will get steam.
3. Negation of the negation. Sometimes this is referred to the idea of the synthesis, of a thesis and an antithesis. i am trying to avoid metaphysical issue on my mind for one second. 'Nothing is happen without reason' its my philosophy. My favorite is Avijit Roy and his father. They are my follower and thinker. I am a political person as a socialist. I am struggling in here against fundamentalist. I got threat a lot from fundamentalist people.
I have meet with many atheist in Bangladesh but they have no more study about history, science and philosophy. We are trying to change the society from blindness of superstition and myth.
I was feel loneliness 10 years ago as a atheist. We have faced many odd situation in Bangladesh. I fought with them. When we got social network then meet with many rational people in facebook and others. We pleased and inspired.
Live long rational thought.
Sayed Khaled

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