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NameEzatullah Qoriashi

I was born in an extremist Islamist family in my home country. I grew up with Islamic ideas while I was studying Islamic books and the Quran as well in a local Islamic training centre. I was curious, questioner and strict from my childhood.
When I was a teenager I was accused of being active with Islamist Group of Taliban and it was the reason that I left the country and now it has been 3 years that I live in the UK.
Finally my curiosity overcame my baseless believe in stories. I realised that Quran was written by an illiterate Arab that was suffering from a brain syndrome and was dreaming every night for future of all humankind.
Then I started looking for god everywhere. I looked at nature, the universe, life, Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism and … to find the god, but sadly I didn’t find him; because there was no god I took my decision: ‘from now I am an atheist’. It was very sad, I was like a teenager that was grown up with love by his kind parents and then he finds out that they are not his parents. He was lost when he was born. The young man doesn’t know who is he and where does he come from and who is his parents.
Now as I am born again, I want to settle down to my new world, find new friends, make a new life, contribute to my new society and seek to establish to my new community.
It will be an honour to be part of your community.

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