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After 20 yrs of Islam, I finally gave up the prison for my freedom. My main issue with Islam is the awful injustice against women and as a woman myself I could not stand for a religion which belittles me. It has been a long and painful journey, with many more obstacles ahead, but I am confident that things can only get better for the long-term. Also, well done CEMB for creating this unified voice for ex-Muslims!


I\'ll make this quick as you must be quite busy saving the world :) I\'m a closet apostate of Islam, and came across your website after hearing about the launch of the Council of Ex-Muslims in Britain. I\'d just like express show my admiration for your courage and ask what I can do to help the campaign. It\'s something that I\'ve had a passion for a long time, but I\'ve felt frustrated with the fact that Islam is such a huge problem to tackle. Hearing of your movement gives me hope.

UKAlan HennessLondon

I was at the recent conference with my wife, Maria MacLachlan and want to support this important cause.

UKAl Haq

Surely I am allowed to love the truth.

UKNoshina FawadLeeds

I grew up in a household where my father was an atheist and my mother, a liberal Muslim. We were taught ethics and morality and were raised as Muslims. The more I learnt about Islam, the more I became aware of its many restrictions and how I was totally against them. Islam preaches peace and serenity and yet encourages the murder of \'kafirs\', those who have said anything against it. Islam prohibits listening to music and yet many of the surats and ayats of the Quran are in musical form. Islam conveys equality for both men and women while men are allowed to have four wives, and this liberty is not mutual. Living in Pakistan, I witnessed how women were brainwashed to believe that they only existed to be of service to men, how children were scolded to memorise verses that they didn\'t even understand. Religion limits an individual to a certain way of life; it restricts us to grasp any other possibilities of existence. I believe in justice and freedom and I am proud to say I have renounced religion!

UKAhmed FawadLeeds

I am an atheist and I would like to join this brave organisation along with my wife and young daughter who also do not want the burden of religion upon them. We reject this child molestor called Mohammed and his laws i.e. The Sharia. According to which there is no freedom of expression, no right to question, just obedience to the so called \"divine\" commands of Allah and Mohammed. Nothing in this religion is compatible with western democracy and human rights. Its Jihadi ideology wants to divide humanity into two hostile blocks, Dar-ul-Islam (house of peace)and Dar-ul-Harb (house of war). Islam teaches Muslims to wage a perpetual war in Dar-ul-Harb until the whole world is conquered by Islamic fascists and fanatics and ruled according to Mohammed\'s Sharia Law. Once the world is under their control, infidels will be totally dehumanised, non-Muslim women would be taken as sex slaves, like their master Mohammed took a young minor girl as his sex slave. This religion breeds hatred and contempt and is against the forces of history and time, (The Zeitgeist) the spirit of times. Islam calls for the total destruction of non-Muslim cultures. And sadly such views are not only confined to the most radicalized Islamists, they were confirmed in the proceedings of the 4th conference of the academy of Islamic research held in 1968 (General organization for government printing offices, Cairo, 1968) and regularly since then by prominent Islamic scholars. Even here in the United Kingdom, Al Mohajiroun, a London based Islamic newspaper published an article on Jan. 27th 2001 which declares upon the establishment of the Islamic Block and the rest of the world becomes Dar-ul-Harb. This medieval religion is too dangerous for the rational world to ignore. Its spreading should be stopped and stopped immediately. Before this crime against humanity called \"Islam\" permeates through humanity itself.

UKAdam WilliamsCoventry

I used to be a Muslim, I took my Shahada in 2008 and I truly believed in Islam at the time. However, the more I grew to know about Islam and Sharia the more I not only disagreed with all aspects but it made me realise I don\'t believe in a god. I wish to join to discourage others from joining Islam blindly and to support ex-Muslims like myself and the one law for all campaign.

UKAdam SherwoodLondon

I just want to be an atheist, free from any religious influence in my government.


I would like to join a group of like minded individuals, ever since I could think for myself and apply logic -- I was doomed to be a non-believer of religion. I don\'t openly tell everyone because I don\'t want to cause offence to people like my parents who I respect. It\'s the religion they were born with and hard built into their culture-- would be impossible to shift this. With time I think a lot will change on the religion front, will be more people speaking out against the nonsense -- I honestly believe by the year 3000 religion will be more or less eradicated with only a few pockets existing like cults. Joining an organisation like this means I can express how I feel with other people for once.
P.S although a lot of ex-Muslims are probably against Islam in general , I have to admit I probably am a little bit anti-Islam myself, but I will not be joining hands with Islamophobic English people because their only agenda is being racist and I saw one commenting earlier and I don\'t want anything to do with ignorant fascist scum

UKAbdul Hye

I am an Ex-Muslim. With all this flag burning and protesting going on I feel a little left out. It\'s good to have an origination that I can join.

UKAbbas Naji

It just doesn\'t make sense to me that there is a god. There are fossils from millions of years ago; according to them, god\'s prophets came and brought something called religion to deceive and exploit people only a few thousand years ago. They use religion to scare and intimidate people into submission to a god and give false promises of a heaven and earth so they can rule over them. I think people should not bother and help and being kind to others and also be happy and enjoy their lives. In the hope that we can be free from religion and superstition.

UKWasim JabbarEnfield

I am a British Bangladeshi. I was a Muslim for most of my life, lost many good friends because of my views, I couldn\'t let go of the hatred for homosexuals and Jews and many other hateful things were in my mind i.e. what my wife should wear, who my children will marry, I felt no remorse when I heard or saw on TV non believers dying. I started reading books by Richard Dawkins (my hero). I started seeing things from a different perspective, Islam just seemed illogical to me. Now I\'m an open Atheist even in front of my family (which is the most difficult part); my wife also feels the same way as I do. Together we challenge Muslims with common sense as our weapon. The response is anger, \"you\'re disrespectful\", \"you\'re taking it out of context\" and many more. But I can see it from their point of view as I was once like them. I see Muslims as prisoners that need to be freed; I don\'t see a place for Islam in this modern secular society. The only way for Islam to exist is reform, but I know very well Islam will never allow that. I don\'t count moderate Muslims as allies as I know how they think. Islam is the disease, Muslims are the victims and ex-Muslims have been cured.

UKAmjid Hasan

I\'m so glad to have found other people who feel and think the way I do. I was brought up a Muslim and went to a roman catholic school (bizarre!) but never really believed in any religion. I also didn\'t understand why a god who apparently loves you would encourage you to learn scripture by giving you a beating if you read it wrong as happened to me when I was 6 years old! Ridiculous. There are so many comments on the site that I have either personally experienced or am familiar with. I\'m glad to no longer be part of a Muslim community who are unable to understand or tolerate (despite what they say) others\' beliefs or opinions. To those who can think for themselves and want to feel free to express themselves but are still in those communities, particularly if faced with violence, I would say \'be strong and remember that there are many here who support you\'.

UKAmal Farah

I am originally from Somalia. I joined because it\'s about time we ex-Muslims came together and had our voices heard. To stand up and be counted.

UKAli Reza Golzari
UKAlice Adams

I have been appalled in recent years by the cowardly refusal to confront abuses perpetrated in the name of religion, particularly the oppression of women under Islam. I applaud the courage of the ex-Muslims on this site and strongly support your brave stand. I am an atheist and have never been religious. I believe that all people should be free to practise any religion or none, but only so long as they do not use it as a tool of oppression. I also believe that people should be free to criticize any religion.

UKAli Islami SedighLondon

My personal experiences with the brutal Islamic regime in Iran and my subsequent studies of Islam and other religions have led me to renounce it altogether. I want to be free to live my life without the threat of death over my head.

UKArezoo Pouya
UKAran Rezaee
UKAnthony Darke Devon

Pledging my support for you by joining your organiseation and upholding your manifesto. I am an ex chrsitian, so this organisation is one I wish to support in helping other people not feel intimidated if they choose to renounce their beliefs.

UKAndy IshaqLondon

I\'m Ex-Muslim / atheist, but I fear that if I openly announce that I do not believe in religion that I was brought up as then I will be killed or my family will be harmed.
Now that I have found CEMB which I did not know existed, I want to share how I feel.

UKBehruz Bahari
UKBasel Hafez

I have always craved for a platform to voice my views on religion as someone - born into an environment dominated by a totalitarian ideology - who rejected that religion. I hope this forum will give me the chance to meet like-minded people and to cooperate with them in promoting our mutual beliefs.

UKBahram Soroush
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