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UKKeyvan Javid
UKKamran Sheikh

I am from a religious family and have a religious past until I read Koran\'s translation for the first time. I used to read the whole Koran every Ramadan like most Pakistanis, just in Arabic, without knowing what the hell I was reading. But this time I decided to read translation to find out what was God\'s message in this book for me and my fellow Muslims. As I started reading the translation, I was so much frightened by the language and tone. Questions were popping up in my head and I was telling myself, \"no these are evil thoughts which I have to ignore, I must suppress them\".
The following year (probably 1997) I read Koran translation again during the month of Ramadan. I read the whole Koran. But this time I was not scared. I was very clear. I said loudly, \"I am not an idiot who will follow such load of crap\".
The first thing Muslims tell their children is not to ask questions. Any questing which comes into your mind is from Satan and we must ignore it. This is how we are brought up. Even on the second page Koran itself says \"this book is guidance for those who believed in it without seeing (blindly)\".
Is this hard to see that Islam is full of hate against all who do not believe in Islam? Instead of condemning slavery, Islam condemns slave how disobeys his master. Koran clearly says you can not engage in sexual activity outside wedlock, but you can have sex with your slave woman. All sects of Islam agree Muhammad had sex with an underage girl, but when you mention this Muslims get offended. Women are described as commodity and are described as inferior to men. If I start writing about Islam, probably I shall end up writing a whole book.
I look at this world and people and ask myself, what\'s wrong with them? Why people do not see? Why do they want to follow stupid, senseless and dumb stories from the dark ages? Why people believe Virgin Mary gave birth to son of god? Does this make sense? Why do Jews wake up every morning, with man thanking god for not making him a woman and woman thanking god for giving her a man to look after? Why Muslims do not see they are following a child molester and a preacher of hate? Why do people not wake up and stop following dark ages? Life can be easy, simple and beautiful then why do people make it complicated, hard and full of hate by following childish and senseless theories?
I think you have taken a very positive step by setting up this website. I am very happy to see there are people who think the same way as I do.

UKKamil an-Najar

I want to join the organisation in an attempt to shine a ray of light through the dark recesses of the Muslim minds so that they may live and let live.

UKMalcolm DoddSleaford

I congratulate you on setting up the CEMB and joining with the ever-increasing number of Brits that are choosing rationality in place of religion. I have visited many Islamic countries and have been appalled at the way that women are regarded as a man\'s property and are often treated as sub-human. You have my full support. I have been an atheist since the age of 8 when I was expelled from Sunday school for asking awkward questions; observation of religion over the following 57 years has convinced me that I made a giant leap into the 20th century. I have been a contributor to many rationalist/atheist campaigns such as the Atheist Bus, Faith Schools etc. I am a paid-up member of the BHA, NSS, Freethinker, JREF and many more.


The CEMB manifesto is an excellent document, I wholeheartedly support it. I think it is vitally important to provide support for those individuals raised in religious environments who realize the truth about their religion and want to escape its grip. I am a long standing member of the NSS, but would like to extend my support to CEMB.

UKM Ahmad

As an ex-Muslim I congratulate Miss Namazie for this launch. I would like to join in the good causes of this Council. I was born a Muslim in India and lived in Pakistan, but now a British Citizen since 1970. I have not formally renounced Islam, but there is no need for this and I am not going to change my name at this advanced age. I have suffered having this name in UK. The general prejudice against fundamental Islam is fully justified. The fraudulent Islamic beliefs of paradise and hell need to be exposed as fantasy.

UKLynda Franklin

I am English, a humanist non-theist and a passionate advocate of full, unfettered freedom of speech and expression. To my shame, until earlier this year I had no idea just how serious a threat political Islam was to these fundamental rights, and the suffering of the individual (especially women and children) in favour of a group ideology. I was a victim of systematic torture during 7 years of marriage and had difficulty in escaping - and that was in England. So I am dedicating the remainder of my life to publicising whatever is necessary to focus the attention of ordinary people like me - who have no idea of what is going on - to the widespread injustice across the Islamic world.

UKLuke Stephens

I am a chemistry teacher and a lifelong atheist. You are brave, brave people and I salute you. I am not really worthy of joining you, but I would very much like to offer my heartfelt support.

UKLuke Schofield
UKMartin Di Maggio

I am an atheist, humanist ex-Salafi Muslim. I converted when I was 15 and dipped into Shi\'i Islam a bit. I stopped attending mosque when I came out as gay and 4 years ago I declared myself non-Muslim.


I am an ex-Muslim and will gladly show my support for this organisation which has helped me come out of the closet to my parents. I hope it will do the same for others and create a more tolerant world for apostates

UKMaria MacLachlanLondon

I\'ve long been aware of the appalling abuse of human rights that take place in Islamic states and within Muslim communities in the West but the point-blank denial of young Muslims living in liberal democracies that these abuses are even taking place has made me resolve to join this organisation so I can give whatever support I can.

UKMohammad Kuhsar Asadi
UKMoham Engineer

Some years ago I suffered Islam; I was arrested for Blasphemy, then sentenced to death; then i decided to give up Islam. I left Pakistan in 2004. Centuries ago, my ancestors were forced to accept Islam under sword; today I resist the sword and refuse to accept Islamic Imperial Fascism...


Islam gets children to believe in it by scaring them. When you tell a little girl: If you don\'t put the hijab, god will strike you. This is a form of child abuse. Children should be educated to only believe in things that are evidence based, and should be educated to think rationally. I support your work. But would like to point out that Muslims who believe blindly in religion are just like children that never grew up. They need to be helped rather than hated. They are in a mind prison. As an ex-Muslim, I can tell you that this prison is very hard to escape from. The only solution to this persistent problem is to never be imprisoned. To never enter this mind prison in the first place. A child should be educated in using the rational mind from the very beginning. To educate a child demands resources and funding. The best way to help Muslims is to be active in children\'s education. Be patient and attract people that can provide education and resources to the Masses of Muslims that need to be set free. By the way, what applies to Muslims also applies to other faiths. Christians and Jews are no better. I teach my children to think rationally and never scare them with the nonsense of jinns, ghosts, hell and fire and the like. There is so much ignorance in Islamic countries that I feel overwhelmed and very upset when I try to convince a Muslim by using rational thinking. I just meet a wall of denial caused by the blockage of the rational mind due to early wrong teaching.

UKMike Maybury

I am horrified that those who want to leave Islam are threatened with death in some countries, and ostracised by families and friends in others.
I was educated in Christian schools, was \'born again\' even and \'confirmed\' in the Church of England. With hindsight I realise that we were not taught evolution, we were brought up to support the establishment and every day attended religious services and prayers. At my junior school I even remember an American film that clearly promoted \'creationism\'. From age 16 onwards I investigated other religions and beliefs, showing little interest in secular thinking, probably because of all the \'certainties\' with which I had been brought up. At this age I stopped attending church because they did not oppose cruelty to animals, as in fox-hunting, and did not oppose the waging of war or even weapons of mass destruction. It took many years, due mainly to most of my family being devout Christians, even some being vicars in the church, for me to eventually decide that I did not believe in any gods at all.
I noticed that non-religious people lack the support organisations that are provided by religions. You are to be congratulated for starting such an organisation. My views are now very strongly atheist, as I feel that believing in any religion, many of which deny the validity of living a normal and happy human life, takes away our concentration and energy from using normal human powers to improve the conditions of ourselves and our fellow humans.
As 90% of humans appear to be trapped in various religions and belief systems, I continue to research such beliefs. However I am convinced that all human problems will only be solved by logical solutions. In particular, ensuring that all human beings have access to fresh clean water, education and sustainable energy, should be a priority for all of us. I support your efforts and wish you well in supporting people who try to escape from Islamic beliefs and practices.

UKMersedeh Ghaedi
UKMehrzad Kian
UKMehran SharminiLondon

Ending religious tyranny and obscurantism in the world today is an urgent task, if we are not to return to the barbarism of the Dark Ages.

UKMehryar Latif Shoushtary
UKMehdi Tahriri MasoolehLondon

I have fought against the Islamic regime of Iran and will keep fighting to ensure that political Islam is pushed back and that religion and atheism is one\'s private affair.

UKMat Hunt

I wholeheartedly give my support to this very worthy cause.

UKMohammad Aghdam

I do not believe in God and in my opinion anything that cannot be found does not exist. We humans have a brain and we can easily distinguish between good and bad. Fundamentally God is a delusion and a concept that some people are scared of, and their external actions will be to satisfy their God - or at least to not upset him. I am very pleased to know myself and inescapably come to a land where I am free to explore and be independent. I am my own God and I do not need to greet any devil or bow down to any kiblah. I am only myself and I will stay myself and I will die myself. In my opinion belief in God is a tool for human weakness and he is not a character you can really rely on. The safest people in the world are the infidels; their conscience is their God.

UKMohsin Khalid
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