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UKRuhid XBirmingham

I grew up in a moderate Muslim family, and have always played ‘devil’s advocate’ if you will. Being fasnicated by physics and philosophy, I opted to study philosophy as an A-level, but quickly realised how our education system has been affected negatively by religion. I went to a predominately Muslim college, being taught through biased lenses.

I am 22 years old, and throughout my life I’ve alwahs faced barriers created by religion, from relationships, to friends. Being a humanist, I’ve been involved in anti-war activism (Stop The War Coalition), and Help Refugees. And also environmental activism (Surfers Against Sewage, and GreenPeace).

I’m working to establish my own foundation dedicated to nature/animal conservation, environmentalism, and infrastructure for underdeveloped parts of the world. My first campaign being about plastic pollution.

I think it’s very important to speak openly about religion, and challenge the privelaged status it given. I am a huge fan of people like Richard Dawkins, and Sam Harris, and feel they speak through me, and share the same ideas I have.

Therefore I’ve decided to throw my name in the hat, and express what I have to offer. As a literature enthusiast, I am convinced I will be publishing books in the near future.

As for now, , this may just be the platform to begin my journey.

UKMico HamlynLondon

I wish to show my solidarity and support for other apostates, most of whom have suffered for their lack of belief far more than I have.

UKM HamlynLondon

I wish to show my solidarity with other apostates, most of whom have a much harder time than I do.

UKFerdousi BegumLondon

At the age of 15 I was raped by 2 men (1 a distant uncle, another was a Muslim Bangladeshi man) My parents sweeped this under the carpet because it would bring shame to the family. They were more interested in honour and pride and had no interest in my justice.

UKFerdousi BegumLondon

At the age of 15 I was raped by 2 men (1 a distant uncle, another was a Muslim Bangladeshi man) My parents sweeped this under the carpet because it would bring shame to the family. They were more interested in honour and pride and had no interest in my justice.

UKkhatab hasnawibradford

i have been member in ( CEMB ) since 2008 on the name of ( khatab hussein ) , now i would like to refresh my activity in the councel , thank you.

InternationalFaisal MehmoodDublin

I'm confused about islam I have no other place to go I looked up on Internet I found your page that's why I am joining it i might get help from you


Hi, I was born in a Muslim family.
However, I have stopped practising my religion years ago and now do not believe in any God.
Due to this reason my parents have stopped talking to me completely and disowned me.

InternationalElToro Pen

Hello, you may know me from the Cemb Forum. I joined there in December 2014. I'm not living in UK, but the community in Germany is inactive.
I rather want to follow you anonymous. That's why I didn't post my real name.

UKZohra IqbalLondon

My name is Zohra and my family is of Pakistani/ Turkish heritage. I guess that I am lucky in that I grew up in a relatively "liberal" Muslim household but since coming out my dad has disconnected from me and I expect the rest of his family will do the same. At the peak of my religiosity I was very religious (wore hijab and abaya, wanted to study Islam as a degree etc) but since studying the religion further I realised that what I had been told Islam was, did not align with the reality of the religion. It seemed far more plausible that the religion was the 7th century Arab creation then it was possible that it was a divine religion. When I learnt about things such as slavery, the fact that women are not allowed to refuse sex to their husbands, and that women in general do not have the same status as men (testimony in court, dress, inheritance) despite what Muslims may claim I realised that Islam is a morally bankrupt religion. Added to this was the realisation that Muhammad does not live up the claim of being the most perfect man to ever live and my own experiences with the religion (feeling ashamed of my body if not dressed "modestly", being taught anti-Semetic and homophobic views at the mosque.) However, I know that as my coming out was not met with physical abuse or death threats I know that there are ex-Muslims in much greater danger and fear than I am, with much worse experiences. I want to join because I only know one other ex-Muslim personally and I would like to know and help more, and also because this is a "fuck you" to a religion that causes people so much pain. My life has become so much better without Islam, I am happier as a person and in my own body, I have experienced new things and made new friends, I appreciate and love my place in this wonderful universe far greatly than the narrow confines of religion would allow. Big love from London to all those reading, I hope you are all safe.

UKTed TheSceptic (penname)London

I am a 40yo Ex Muslim living and working in London. I am looking to build support networks to help me 'come out'. The consequences of coming out for someone who has given himself to the religion he was born into are potentially quite severe (which is partly why I couldn't understand it anymore). I have a wife and three young children. I am looking for some help and guidance to manage the upcoming journey to firstly come out to my immediate family whilst minimising any potential difficulties and trauma for my children and indeed my wife.

I believe 'humanism' largely describes my beliefs and aspirations for humanity and for myself.

Look forward to connecting with like minded people.

Teddy the Sceptic

InternationalSaifullah PragmaticLahore

One might get killed in a country like pakistan even for asking the so-called prohibited questions. I was about to get lynched therefore I had to recite kalma as loud as I could to save myself.
Purpose of joining this community is to get to know how to stay alive!

InternationalAbd alrhuman ThanoonMousl

I want to join because I am an atheist. I want to convey the problems of Iraqi atheists like me and how to get out of Iraq

UKUrszula LasekCambridge

My best wishes to everyone on this forum. I am an atheist and a humanist. I would like to join this forum because I value reason, science, freedom and democracy. There is also a list of things I dislike which usually start with one of these words: conservative, devout, orthodox, strict, conformist, etc. I think that if someone is religious, they cannot be open-minded, reasonable, inclusive and tolerant. These virtues come from humanism. I hope to find answers to some of my questions via this forum.

InternationalSaffron JamesLondon

I am a confused Muslim born Somalia female. I don't have anyone to talk to in real life so I am hoping to meet likeminded individuals and maybe find some answers also make some friends a long the way.

UKRajin ChowdhurySheffield

Although my experience is nowhere near as traumatic as many others, I feel a kinship with those who have lost their Muslim faith or perhaps never truly had it.

UKMd SolaimanManchester

my Name is md Solaiman. I have gone through some difficult times. My thought I have jinn and possessed by evil sprits. I have been questioning the thoughts and I firmly believe that science and evolution is way to forward. I want join this organisation. I don’t have any friends.

InternationalBadr-eddine er-ramiRabat

because it support women rights , and my father hit my mother in front of us.and i suffer from depression hire , no work no life i couldn't talk about Islam my family will kille me if they know that i'm not Muslim.

Internationalshahab moazenzadehTehran

Left Islam 10 years ago , never looked back

InternationalAmeer Al khafaf

I am an atheist living in Sweden

UKJazz AkhtarLondon

Originally coming from a Pakistani family, I did not take too much notice of Islam as a religion in whole. Possibly as the culture outshone religion but it was still intertwined. It was not until my early teens that I started to learn Arabic and have Quran lessons that I was focusing on Islam as my religion. As I entered Secondary school (High school), I majority of my friends were Muslim and as usual we would hang out, pray at lunchtime and during Ramadan, pray a lot and go to the local mosque. During this time, some friends would dictate how I should lead my life. Not talking to girls, always going to prayer, doing things a certain way and hypocritically they would do what I was told not to do, which demoralised me. After the dreadful occasion of 9/11, I started to question Islam and my friends. Shortly after I left my friends and made new ones and got into rock music etc. At this point I was quite liberal and used to drink alcohol at parties but I continued to follow Islamic laws of only eating halal meat until I started college. It was not until University that I decided i wont follow Islamic teachings.
Personally I am quite fortunate. My brother and sister followed my path in their own way. My brother is an ex-muslim like me and my sister is very liberal but does not eat pork. My mother has a disdain towards Pakistani culture as women are looked down on and lower than men. My mother too became very liberal, but like my sister does not eat pork.
I know that Islam is not a bad religion. I know there are some good people in the Islamic community There are verses in the Quran about looking after each other etc, but there are also verses about smiting non believers. There is so much contradiction and a lot of people, in this day and age, only read about causing harm and convert others into Islam, either through terrorism, force, fear or by preaching.
I do not understand why you must fear a God and pray for his mercy.. That is not what faith is. Why cant you love a God for protecting you and be a being you look up to in happiness?
I am a lot happier being who I am, doing what I want, being true to myself, kind and civil to others.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Jazz Akhtar
Formally known as Mohammad Ejaaz Akhtar

UKIqbal HossainGrimsby

my name is Iqbal hossain and I'm 28 years of a Bangladeshi national lives in uk came here as a student in year 2011.i start researching about the religious onece a time I followed when I was in secondary school.and I found out that Islam is a religious which can't not followed by a well cevilised person coz u can find out in Quran directing a follower towards the violence and treated women's like they are slaves of man.sometimes I do write about this religious in my personal Facebook account which I write is true and have logic.sometimes I got abusive messages from my friends even from my extended family over Bangladesh.but I'm not scared to say the truth and stand against this religious ideology off radical way of life.

InternationalTaheer AnwarNew Delhi

Dear Fellows,
I have left Islam and became an Ex-muslim last year. I was a hardcore practicing sunni muslim but throughout the journey of learning and studying I came to the conclusion the Islam is the most barbaric and anti-social religion which has nothing to do with the facts and reality. I want to join your organization to share my findings on islamic philosophy and to find a place where we Ex-muslims can live happily.

InternationalArifur RahmanStreatham Common

My Name is Arifur Rahman.24yrs old. I'm coming from Bangladesh and muslim religion family.but i dont believe any religion because of only one hate create in the world,this os tha religion......

UKcai barrywales

because i was a member of Islam for 3 years before i realise its all a lie

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