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UKShamim MiahLondon

I can no longer sit by and be a part of a faith which is increasingly affecting both my life and my communities (Bangladeshi)in such a profoundly negative way. Over the course of the last few years I have noticed visible changes and am very saddened by it and I can only blame Islam for it. I was flicking through old pictures from my childhood and the differences between then and now are frightening. I was looking at my sisters wedding pictures almost 20 years ago, the men in suits, women wore beautiful cultural clothes, bare midriff(saree)a little bit of cleavage and hair flowing freely. I just went to a wedding in Birmingham and although the men were still in suits, the vast majority of women were either in hijab or niqab and covered head to toe. I have always been very liberal in my views toward gender equality and gay rights, but it has dawned on me for a while now that my community do not share the same values. I can no longer tolerate this intolerance, so I reject not only Islam but all other organised religions and dogmatic belief systems.

UKStephen BrodieLondon

I've been an Atheist and a socialist nearly all of my adult life and I believe in freedom of religion and freedom from religion and it seems to me that your organisation is doing a lot of good work campaigning for said freedoms

UKAbid NazirLondon

I do not believe on religions and want to become a part of community like minded people

UKmd shamim ahmedgreater london

its ahmed. i am humanists. i rise up my voice against terrorism, and making equal love for all different genders . since 2012 my story begun and i am looking forward to go ahead as same way for rest of my lives. i know its very hard to survive i may have no tomorrow but i dont fear anymore i will move on.

UKFaizan MohamedLondon

Want to be part of a community of like minded people who I can talk openly and informatively about experiences

InternationalAlexandra Art

as a little child my parents used to beat me even if i wasn't wrong i had phobias from my childhood and nightmares , i had no friends and my relationship with others not that good because of my speaking phobia , but i always loved the meditation and I was a very curious person who uses the imagination a lot and it kept me alive by running away from realistic
growing up i had to face many life problems as a child in Muslims county and i was a smart student but as you know in schools they teach you what they want and you have to save it and say it as a parrot i didn't like to live in this way so i had many problems to handle , with people's pressure on me i was about to lose my mind they say that i'm hunted by demons From my mental illnesses and fantasies and because i'm over curious and many stupid thing and i had to believe and there was no choices as the other religions they said Islam is the only right religion and the way to heaven while others will go to hell , i had no one to talk with so i had to handle it myself , sometimes i end up crying in my room from psychological fatigue and life pressures but if my father woke up and saw me crying he hit me more , when i talk about my dream it will end up in a bad way because i'm just a girl who should be born only for homeworks and sex&bed and to live as a machine in her parents house to her husband house
after bad Islamic treatment i finally start to search the truth first i became a feminist because of the verbal and physical abuse i've been through all my life and because of my passion to art and writing i create a social media life such as Facebook and started to post my art and opinions but religious people start to follow me and comment bad things after a year of searching i finally left Islam and find the real way , i've been an atheist for almost two years or more so i had to face many difficult things such as hacking my accounts 9 times , trying to find more information about me , sending me videos about how ISIS killing people and threats messages ,so i don't go out and i graduated from high school in 2013 but i couldn't finish ,y studies in college , also my relationship with my family is bad because they're Muslims but i still have to pretend that i'm Muslim and to wear muslim clothes and if i say no they will beat me again and again i'm really sick of all this because all Libyans are Muslims as you know and life here is really sucks i had enough of living like a slave and i never get the love or support from anyone in here
i have a passion for art which 's illegal here so even even the simplest rights I can't take as a woman and even in art they make it Limited , trust me Living in Libya is Like living in a hell , because of war which is started in 2011 till now so the embassies here are closed , i'm trying for almost 2 years to get the hell out of here and to go anywhere non-Muslim countries and to texted some organizations but they always ignore me or say that Libya is not in their system even scholarships i even tried to find a new family but nothing works with me and people around me always put me down so i'm still stuck in here
today while my searches i find this so i was so happy to finally find someone could understand and help me and also looking for new friend who understand and accept me as who i am
this is a short part of my life

InternationalMohamad ZaiterBeirut

I'm an Ex-Muslim atheist.

UKMuhammad Noman MahbubLondon

I observed so many incidents here and all over the world based on the religions. Going through literatures, books and other information, I found myself into a decision and realisation that there is no religion at all. We chose our religion based on our parents religions and follow their activities. And the religion we are practising now a day is nothing but a business. Killing innocent people and children, raping women is never can be a religious faith. I believe that no religion supports killing innocent people.

UKTahmid ChowdhuryLondon

I was fortunate to be raised in a loving family. We didn't have a lot, but my parents instilled in me a good work ethic and understanding of both the value of education and generosity.

Their beliefs, though, were more strongly informed by their religious faith than these instincts. My eldest sister was forced to leave home at 19 (I was 6) because she no longer believed the same things as my family - despite her otherwise clear success and commitment to the family.

When I was 15 I started reading widely - in particular philosophy and literature. It is through this that I lost my own faith - I had previously been horrified at the thought of anyone not believing in God. I am a proud atheist - and have had the privilege of being taught my a number of the leading thinkers in this area, from Richard Dawkins to Lawrence Krauss - but am still yet to articulate this to my parents. My parents don't scare me and never have - but the prospect of losing my family whom I care deeply for does.

I don't want others to have this fear.

UKHiba Ahmed

i'm a fairly recent ex-Muslim, of East African background and would like to join to meet more people like me ( I.e former muslims who are now atheists)

InternationalHiba BahamMarrackech

Hi! I'm 17 and I've been an ex-muslim for 2 years. I grew up in a moderately conservative family. I'm constantly reminded to pray and practice a religion I'm no longer part of. Although I still live in a muslim country, I will go to Canada for college as soon as I'm 18. If you want to hear more about my experience or share yours, feel free to contact me or ask for my private email :)

UKHouzan SalihCardiff

Hello! I am houzan an ex muslim,I'm quite happy to find this community page as I'm tired lonely and scared! I am originally from iraq, left my country with my parents after the war in 2003, my parents settled in Dubai then they decided to send me to study in the uk as i am the only child for my family they wanted me to have good level of education, and this is where my journey to become a non believer started! i finished my degree in architecture successfully, I loved a non muslim man and had relationship outside marriage with him over nearly 3 years we lived together in the same house, and of course in islam this is a sin... my extended family mainly cousin started threatening me and my parents. but i am lucky I'm in a safe country and they cannot reach me easily as they live in iraq, and dubai. However, for a long time even before starting this relationship i had lots of questions about religion in my head but every time i seek answers i got rejected that these rules are from allah and we are not allowed to questioning him! so i start my own research and study and came to conclusion that religions where made to control the society and control people minds! i had to end my relationship with my partner as his family wanted me to convert to their religion but i didn't want to put myself in another religious cage! .. I rejected islam completely more than couple of years now! tried to keep a low profile to avoid problems but i got tired of that! my extended family start threatening me again and they have influence on my dad as they live in the same country and he is rejecting me now! but my mum still supporting me secretly although i can't see her as she is living abroad! i was thinking of start counsellor sessions to take all these fear and negative thoughts out! and i think getting in touch with similar minds through this council can be helpful as well! sorry for the long statement but its lots of burden i can't keep anymore

UKAli MuhammadLondon

Hi my name is Muhamnad Ali and I m ex Muslim born in Pakistan and living here in U.K. Since 2011 , I want to join ur group as my friend Ana told me bout this group and I m very interested and impress although I m a member with London atheist activitic group since 30 may 2014 , I need ur help as I m in serious need of immigration matter , I would really appriciat ur help hope u will b there for me thanks best regard Ali

InternationalShakib KhanDhaka

I decided to be a member of this great organisation in 2014 or 2015, as I joined and wrote in that time when I was studying in the UK. After I return back home I started working in a reputated English national daily newspaper as a journalist and quite often I write on editorial as well as on open blog; as a consequence, I felt to join with CEMB again to be a part of team.
The most important thing that I reckon about this organisation is that the secular and progressive movements that's why it works for. To work in term of gaining the rights for the oppressed and minority non-believers is the great initiative of this organisation.
Moreover, I feel that this is the community where I belong to, as I am a secular humanist and social activist and no longer a religious person or Muslim.
A brief introduction about myself is that I am a singer-song writer, guitarist, bassist, journalist and teacher. I finished my degree from Buckinghamshire New University, UK on Business Management.
Currently I am one of the members (Guitarist) of the legendary band of Bangladesh called Maqsood_O_dHAKA, founder member and leader of band RockyRoad (UK), journalist at The Asian Age (Dhaka, BD), a member of Bangladesh Musician's Foundation (BMF), Ex- member of Betar Bangla Radio UK 1503 AM.

UKStrengthening FaithlessnessLondon

My conscience, sexuality, experiences and disposition is in direct opposition to Islam.

UKAgha Reza Ali Khan

I was brought up as a Shia muslim, though there are many great things about faith, like community, charity, etc... There are many many negative ones, and even then, studying the texts, the history, I cannot in any good conscience believe in this anymore. Being a minority, how can I justify the persecution of minorities within minorities?

And the truth is important to me. However good or bad a lie is, its still a lie, and something I don't want.

I have never met someone who openly said they were no longer muslim, it can be lonely.

My family are open minded, though religious and good people. I just want to hang out with some people and chat honestly.


Islam and religion in general are not compatible with modern society, science or human rights. Religion is illogical, intolerant and oppressive, and people are killed in the middle east for criticising or even questioning it. Even in my “liberal” muslim country (Turkey), many people are silenced or attacked for standing up to religious fundamentalism

UKAmir ManeshLondon

I am 56 years old , born in Iran.
well, first I thought to introduce myself as ex-muslim but now thinking it over I think I never was one.
Happy to volunteer to help you. I am good in office work and organizing event.
Maryam Namazi is my hero.

UKMohamed EzzeddineSousse

Support fellow ex-muslims

UKAmani AliLondon

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of the organisation for you. Any background information would be useful.
I'm 18 years old, in the closet, forced hijabi. I left the religion late last year and have been a part of a small group chat for the past few months, it's great but the downside is that most of the people don't live in the UK or London. I'd like to join CEMB to expand my Ex Muslim circle and meet new people in my city. I'd like to also go to events and learn more.

UKAhmad ButtSunderland

Joining To get my opinion across to people to open their eyes from the illusion of religions and the problems religions create in todays world

UKAnonymous Anonymous

Bangladeshi, 17, born and raised in London. Pansexual, feminist, agnostic. I don't hate Islam, I just don't agree with a lot of it. I just feel alone. No one else knows.

Internationalouail zahirFes

i dont have too much too say but i'm ex muslim from morroco i converted to christianity two years ago but now i'm atheist
can you please do somthing about the captcha's it's fucked up

UKAbu MustafaLondon

hi, I'm abu mustafa. First of I believed in Islam and day by day I am realising about the setuation of my religion. I born and brought up in a very restrictive Muslim family. I went to Madrasa ( institute for Islamic education) and experienced a measurable part of my life. Then I went to normal school, college and university. In my whole life I have meet so many restrictions, inflictions, miss guidance from different prospects. After all there are so many things disappointed me and I asked myself why religion say to hate other religion, I have lots of questions and I tried a lot to Seattled but couldn't find such kind of answers that can satisfy me. Now I would like to introduce me as an Ex- Muslim and not even that I don't believe in any existing religion. All these are man made I believe.

UKMark HossainBarking Essex

I'm a Graphic Designer and Photographer.
I've have been following this council across social
media for a long time and finally decided to join.
I use to be a muslim but now I'm an Atheist & I believe in nothing.
However I do want to contribute to this cause and become part of it please.

Thank You.
Mark Hossain

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