Maryam Namazie’s TedX Warwick talk on Creativity in Protesting Religious Fundamentalism has finally been published a year later but without slides.

Before her talk, there was an attempt to censor some of her slides with nudity. Also, the Islamic Society at Warwick University had petitioned against her talk. She refused to remove any of her slides and the talk went ahead as planned.

However, TedX has now censored ALL her slides – a de facto anti-blasphemy policy. This after over a year of back and forth asking when it would be published.

Initially, she was told that her talk would not be published since it ‘violated Ted Global guidelines,’ apparently constituting ‘political speech.’ After much pressure on social media, she was told it would finally be released but would ‘benefit from more context’ and an ‘advisory note’. Now, the video has been published without any slides. And the advisory for the video states: ‘Some viewers may find elements of this talk to be distressing or objectionable.’

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain finds the removal of her slides and the erasure and dehumanisation of e-Muslims distressing and objectionable.


You can see the censored slides to her talk here: TEDxWarwick Namazie-Powerpoint