We atheists and atheist allies hereby declare that from now on, March 23rd is Atheist Day. We recognize the struggle of atheists to live authentic lives in many parts of the world. The struggle to openly affirm one’s atheism. The fear of intolerant governments, mobs, and religious zealots.

On March 23rd we shall take a stand for our right to be treated equal and for those of us in countries where atheists are persecuted and live under a threat of death. From every city in every country in the world we shall be one voice, a voice of reason.


Arab Atheists
Ateizm Dernegi
Atheist Agnostic Alliance of Pakistan
Atheist Republic
Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain
Council of Ex-Muslims of France
Council of Ex-Muslims of Jordan
Council of Ex-Muslims of Morocco
Ex-Muslims of North America
Ex-Muslims of Norway
Council of Ex-Muslims of Sri Lanka
Freethought Lebanon
The Black Ducks

Our symbol of a green circle is two-fold in meaning:

The shape of a circle is one of the oldest atheist symbols. It represents symmetry, peace, and harmony. The circle is akin to a zero, symbolizing the null, the lack of, or absence of a belief in a god, i.e., godlessness. At the same time, it represents wholeness in its simplicity, indicating that we as nonbelievers are not devoid of morality or goodness. On the contrary, we are whole without a god. As such, the circle encapsulates humanism, freethought, and secularism.

The color green symbolizes the life and vitality of this movement, and the values it embodies. These include a celebration of life as we recognize its finite nature, the growth and vivacity of the atheist movement globally, and the goodness valued in humanity. Its allusion to the greenness of nature demonstrates that we treasure our existence on Earth and wish to protect all life, especially the lives of those at risk of death and persecution for beliefs held and expressed across the world.

Displaying the symbol on Atheist Day

In order to celebrate Atheist Day and increase our visibility, we encourage an open display of the symbol by those who feel safe in doing so. For those who are at risk of physical danger or social ostracization if identified as atheists, we encourage you to keep your personal safety paramount.

Ways to wear the symbol:

– For those who are not at risk or in physical danger revealing their identity, and for those who want to express solidarity with atheists, you may join us in one of the following:

– Drawing a green circle on our faces, hands, bodies OR
– Wearing a green string or bracelet around our wrists

​We hope that by displaying the symbol openly on our faces, we can humanize atheists and atheist allies; we will show our diversity and our strength.

– For those who are at risk, we recommend wearing a green necklace, a green bracelet…

This symbol is not trademarked.

You may use it creatively in any way you like. Paint it on any surface. Combine it with a quote. Use it as a frame. We welcome you to individualize the symbol in a way that is meaningful to you.