One the Law for All and Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain’s end-year celebration was a huge success.

Watch the event which included Philosopher AC Grayling, Secular Activist Aliyah Saleem, British Iraqi singer Alya Marquardt, Goldsmiths Atheist Society President Asher Fainman, Warwick Atheist Society President Benjamin David, London Black Atheist organiser Clive Aruede, Magician Neil Edwards, Bread and Roses TV Host Fariborz Pooya, Centre for Secular Space Gita Sahgal, Houzan Mahmoud of Organisation for Women’s Freedom in Iraq, Founder of Council of Ex-Muslims of Morocco Imad Iddine Habib, Comedian Kate Smurthwaite, London Black Atheist organiser Lola Tinubu, Libyan Women’s Rights Campaigner Magdulien Abaida, CEMB Spokesperson Maryam Namazie, CEMB Spokesperson Nahla Mahmoud, Ex-Muslims of Scotland founder Ramin Forghani, and Bangladeshi campaigner Rayhana Sultan. Also a message from Scientist Richard Dawkins.


“At the end of a sccessful trip to Stockholm, I’m very sorry I shall not be able to make it to the wonderful Maryam’s party. I would have loved to see old friends of the Ex-Muslims and other secular groups, and meet new friends too.

“My very best wishes to all for a Happy Newton’s Birthday, and for the whole of 2016.

“Richard Dawkins”

Filming: Poone Ravi