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2016: Onwards and Upwards!



The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) has today published a case study on the Islamic Societies at Trinity College Dublin, Warwick University and Goldsmiths University where attempts were made to restrict or bar our spokesperson Maryam Namazie from speaking in 2015.

The case study shows that the Islamic Societies at the three universities in question are clearly promoting Islamist values through hate preachers who condone Sharia Law, Islamic states, and the death penalty for apostasy.

The study is only an example of a widespread problem – which is the normalisation and legitimisation of Islamism on university campuses.

CEMB calls on universities and Student Unions to unequivocally defend free expression, including by removing policies which restrict and censor free expression, such as safe space policies, so that apostates and dissenters can confront Islamism on campuses with a progressive counter-narrative.

You can read the new case study here.

It is important to note that apostasy and blasphemy are not abstract theological debates but a matter of life and death for many across the globe.


The Presidents of Warwick and Goldsmiths Universities Atheists Societies who fought hard for free expression were speakers at our end-year event in December 2015 as was Philosopher AC Grayling, Centre for Secular Space’s Gita Sahgal and Kurdish Women’s Rights Campaigner Houzan Mahmoud amongst others. The fantastic event is now online.


CEMB is organising or has speaking engagements at a number of upcoming events, including at the European parliament in Brussels, Oxford Union and Reason rally in Washington DC as well as at various universities across the country. You can see the listing of events here.

We are also organising an ex-Muslim “flash mob” to celebrate freedom of expression, blasphemy and apostasy with music and dance for our 9th anniversary in June. If you’re interested in participating in the #ExMuslimBecause flash mob, please contact us. The flash mob will help to further build on the successful #ExMuslimBecause, which saw over 120,000 tweets describing the many reasons for leaving Islam.


CEMB fights on numerous fronts to challenge Islamism and apostasy laws and support those who face persecution or intimidation as a result of leaving Islam as well as opposing bigotry against Muslims and defending universal rights and secularism. Unlike Islamist organisations with huge amounts of state and other backing, we must rely on our friends to support our work. A special thanks to all those who donated to our organisation in 2015.

Please continue to support our work if you can by sending a cheque made payable to CEMB or making a donation via Paypal. No amount is too small and all support is hugely appreciated and needed. You can find out more about donating here.

Thanks again and best wishes for 2016.

Onwards and upwards!

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Apostasy and Blasphemy are basic Human Rights

In 2016, the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain will continue to highlight the cases of those languishing in prisons or on death row for apostasy or blasphemy, including:

Abdulaziz Dauda, also known as Abdul  Inyass, an Islamic scholar sentenced to death in Nigeria for blasphemy for a lecture which was deemed to be blasphemous against Islam’s prophet. He was also jailed for 3 years for inciting public disturbance.

Ashraf Fayadh, a Palestinian poet and artist who lives in Saudi Arabia, has been sentenced to death for ‘apostasy’ for his poetry which the regime claims has questioned religion and spread atheism.

Hesameddin Farzizadeh, 23 year old writer and student who has been sentenced to 7 years in prison, 74 lashes and the death penalty for apostasy in Iran for his book examining the history and questioning facets of Shi’a Islam.

Islam Behery, Egyptian TV host was sentenced to prison for “contempt of religion.”

Mohamed Cheikh Ould, Mauritanian activist and blogger sentenced to death for apostasy for an article he wrote, which the court found was critical of Islam and Islam’s prophet.

Raif Badawi, Saudi secular blogger and founder of a liberal website sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1000 lashes for apostasy for raising questions about religion and politics.

27 Sudanese Muslims from the Qurani sect, charged with apostasy and disturbing the public peace according to article 126, section 2 of the Sudanese criminal law for considering the Quran holy but believing that the Hadith, sayings and actions of Mohammad, Islam’s prophet, are not authentic.

Waleed Abu Al Khair, Saudi human rights lawyer (including for his brother-in-law Raif Badawi) was found guilty by a special counter-terrorism court of, among other charges, insulting the judiciary, disobeying the ruler, and harming the reputation of the Kingdom. He was offered a reduced sentence of 10 years if he apologized for his “offences”, but when he refused an appeal judge ordered him to serve the full term…

CEMB reiterates its call for the release of apostates and blasphemers across the globe. Apostasy and blasphemy are not crimes but basic human rights as are interpreting, mocking, criticising, and renouncing Islam openly and freely.

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