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Council of Ex-Muslims of Morocco: the first public atheist organisation in country with state religion of Islam

See English, Arabic and French Statement below:

Morocco’s state religion is Islam. Whilst Article 3 of the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, atheists and unbelievers are not recognised. Though apostasy is not a prosecutable offence in the Penal Code, “incitements in order to shake the faith of a Muslim” are. Apostates and atheists face harassment, threats or imprisonment if they speak out.

In order to break the taboo that comes with renouncing Islam and take a stand for atheism, reason, universal rights and secularism, we call on all non believers, atheists and ex-Muslims to come forward to establish the Council of Ex-Muslims of Morocco, the first public atheist and non-religious organisation in a country with Islam as its state religion.

Our goals are:

1. Universal rights and equal citizenship for all. We are opposed to cultural relativism and the tolerance of inhuman beliefs, discrimination and abuse in the name of respecting religion or culture.
2. Freedom to criticise religion. Prohibition of restrictions on unconditional freedom of criticism and expression using so-called religious ‘sanctities’.
3. Freedom of and from religion.
4. Separation of religion from the state and legal and educational system.
5. Prohibition of religious customs, rules, ceremonies or activities that are incompatible with or infringe people’s rights and freedoms.
6. Abolition of all restrictive and repressive cultural and religious customs which hinder and contradict woman’s independence, free will and equality. Prohibition of segregation of sexes.
7. Prohibition of interference by any authority, family members or relatives, or official authorities in the private lives of women and men and their personal, emotional and sexual relationships and sexuality.
8. Protection of children from manipulation and abuse by religion and religious institutions.
9. Prohibition of any kind of financial, material or moral support by the state or state institutions to religion and religious activities and institutions.
10. Prohibition of all forms of religious intimidation and threats.

For more information on the new organisation, which will be affiliated with the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, contact:
Imad Iddine Habib

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يمثل الإسلام الدين الرسمي بالمغرب، و رغم أن المادة الثالثة من الدستور تضمن حرية التدين،يظل الملحدون و اللادينيون غير معترف بهم. و مع أن الردة لا تعتبر جرما في القانون، إلا أن “زعزعة عقيدة مسلم” مجرمة.

يواجه المرتدون و الملحدون و اللادينبون إذا ما أعلنوا عن ذلك، مختلف أنواع التهديدات و المضايقات، التي قد تصل إلى سجنهم.

حتى نتحدى طابو الردة عن الإسلام، و نساند الإلحاد و العقلانية و الحقوق الكونية، و اللائكية، ندعو كل اللادينيين و الملحدين و المسلمين السابقين للمضي قدما لتأسيس مجلس المسلمين السابقين بالمغرب، أول منظمة إلحادية و لادينية علنية في دولة يمثل فيها الإسلام الدين الرسمي.


أولا: نحن نسعى من أجل المواطنة المتساوية للجميع ونعارض التسامح مع المعتقدات اللإنسانية باسم إحترام الأديان والثقافات
ثانيا: حرية إنتقاد الأديان ورفع القيود المفروضة عليها باسم إزدراء الأديان
ثالثا: حرية الفكر و التدين
رابعا: فصل الدين عن الدولة، و عن النظامين القضائي و التعليمي
خامسا: حظر جميع الأنشطة والإحتفالات و العادات الدينية التي تنتهك حقوق الإنسان وحرياته
سادسا: إلغاء جميع العادات الدينية و الثقافية المهينة والمقيدة و المتعارضة مع إستقلالية المرأة و حقها في الحرية و المساواة و حظر التمييز بين الجنسين
سابعا: حظر التدخل من جانب السلطات أو العائلة أو الوالدين أو أي جهة رسمية كانت في حياة الرجال و النساء الشخصية والعاطفية والجنسية
ثامنا: حماية الأطفال من التلاعب بعقولهم و إستغلالهم بواسطة الأديان أو الموسسات الدينية
تاسعا: حظر أي دعم مادي أو معنوي من قبل الدولة و مؤسساتها للأديان و المؤسسات و الأنشطة الدينية
عاشرا: حظر جميع أشكال المضايقات والتهديدات الدينية

للإنضمام أو دعم أو الحصول على مزيد من المعلومات عن هذا المجلس الذي سيكون تابعا لمجلس المسلمين السابقين ببريطانيا، المرجو الإتصال ب:
عماد الدين حبيب

La religion d’État du Maroc est l’Islam. Alors que l’article 3 de la Constitution garantit la liberté de religion, les athées et les non-croyants ne sont pas reconnus, et Bien que l’apostasie n’est pas un délit punissable par le Code pénal, «les incitations afin d’ébranler la foi d’un musulman” le sont.

Les apostats et les athées sont victimes de harcèlement, de menaces ou d’emprisonnement si ils le déclarent.

Afin de briser le tabou de renoncer à l’islam, et afin de soutenir l’athéisme, la raison, les droits universels et la laïcité, nous demandons à tous les non-croyants, les athées et les ex-musulmans à nous rejoindre pour la création du Conseil des Ex-Musulmans du Maroc , la première organisation athée et non religieuse dans un pays où l’islam est la religion d’État.

Nos Buts:

1. Les droits universels et la citoyenneté sont égaux pour tous. Nous nous opposons au relativisme culturel et la tolérance de croyances inhumaines, et la discrimination et les abus au nom du respect de la religion ou de la culture.
2. La liberté de critiquer la religion, et l’interdiction des restrictions à la liberté inconditionnelle de critique et d’expression en raison des “sacralités religieuses”.
3. La liberté de la conscience.
4. La séparation de la religion et de l’état du système et juridique et éducatif.
5. Interdiction des toutes les coutumes religieuses, des lois, des cérémonies et des activités incompatibles avec et/ou portent atteinte aux droits et libertés.
6. Abolition de toutes les coutumes ,culturelles et religieuses, restrictives et répressives qui entravent et s’opposent a la liberté de la femme, son libre arbitre et l’égalité. Ainsi que l’interdiction de la ségrégation des sexes.
7. Interdiction de l’interférence des autorités, des membres des familles, ou des parents, ou des autorités officielles dans la vie privée des femmes et des hommes et leurs relations personnelles, émotionnelles et sexuelles ainsi que leur sexualité.
8. Protection des enfants contre la manipulation et l’abus de la religion et des institutions religieuses.
9. Interdiction de toute forme de soutien financier, matériel ou moral, par l’État ou ses institutions aux religions, ainsi qu’aux institutions et aux activités religieuses.
10. Interdiction de toute forme d’intimidation et de menaces religieuses.

Veuillez contacter:
Imad Iddine Habib

CEMB opposes Islamism and the Far-Right: Two sides of one coin

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain unequivocally opposes the far-Right, including groups like the British National Party, English Defence League, and Stop Islamisation of Europe. We fully support the findings of a One Law for All report called Enemies not AlliesThe Far Right  which gives evidence on why opponents of Sharia, apostasy laws and Islamism must also oppose the far-Right. With Islamism being a far-Right movement, they are two sides of the same coin.

The far-Right and Islamists have similar ideologies, characteristics, and aims. Both rely on religion. Both use a language of hate and are extremely xenophobic, misogynist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic. Both rely on indiscriminate violence and terrorism to intimidate the population at large. They are dogmatic and punish free thinkers and dissenters. They use threats and scaremongering to push forward their agenda. Both are vehemently anti-working class and the Left. They believe in the superiority of their views and culture and deal harshly with anyone who transgresses… The world they have in mind is equally bleak, segregated, hateful and inhuman.

And whilst there are obvious differences within far-Right and Islamist groups as there are in any phenomenon, the differences are not fundamental. The ‘hate cleric’ Anjem Choudhary supports stoning to death as do more ‘liberal’ Islamists like Tariq Ramadan. The ‘liberals’ have merely adapted their language to better dupe public opinion. The same is true with the European far-Right. There is fundamentally little difference between Anders Behring Breivik’s Knights Templar and the EDL or Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE). What they want is the same; the language they use is different. The EDL and SIOE are merely better at duping the public.You can read more about their similarities here.


Other resources to read include:

* A former high-up member of the BNP, Alistair Barbour, now supports the CEMB and One Law for All and blogs against the far-Right. You can see his excellent posts here.

* CEMB member and founder of the Northern Ex-Muslim Meetup Group, Sandbad, recently posted a guest post on Alistair’s blog entitled “Righteousness in Islam and BNP“.

Breaking the Taboo of Atheism in Black Communities

Leo Igwe, Nigeria’s most prominent human rights activist particularly well known for his work against superstition and witchcraft will be giving a ground-breaking talk on ‘Breaking the Taboo of Atheism in Black Communities’ at a talk organised by London Black Atheists. Here are details if you can make it:

Date: Monday 25th March
Time: 6.30pm
Cost £5 / £3 unwaged/students
Venue: The Attic, Hackney Picture House
270 Mare Street
E8 1HE

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