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Supporting secularism: the approach that treats all citizens equally

15 September 2011

This Saturday, 17 September 2011, thousands of people will rally in central London to demand
secularism in Europe. Supporters of the rally include British biologist and author of The God Delusion
Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers, an American biologist and author of the science blog Pharyngula.

Atheist Alliance International, with its UK Affiliates, Atheism UK and the Council of Ex-Muslims of
Britain, is proud to support the Secular Europe Campaign and congratulates the event organisers and

Tanya Smith, President of Atheist Alliance International said: “Secularism is the only approach that
treats all citizens equally and fairly, whether they are religious or not. Public policy should be based
on reason, evidence and compassion – and not whichever religion happens to be the strongest in a
certain country at a certain time. Religious privilege affects all of us – through our taxes and through
its influence on issues like end-of-life choices, women’s reproductive rights and equality for same-
sex oriented people. If people want to live in a fair society they need to stand up and be heard.”

Mark Embleton, President of Atheism UK added: “It is no longer sufficient just to be a passive
atheist. Atheists everywhere need to be active in protesting the growing influence and power that
the various religions are gaining in every corner of Europe. Religious lobbyists are putting pressure
on a weak European Parliament to seek even more privileges through legislation that, if enacted, will
lead to further restriction of free speech for everyone.”

Hassan Radwan, Management Committee member of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, also
called for action saying: “It’s critical to make public our support for the separation of religion from
the state and educational and judicial systems. The simple act of showing public dissent to religion
that enforces conformity through fear, is the most empowering thing one can do. It erodes that fear
and emboldens others. This is what the Islamists dread the most. They know that when people lose
their fear, they gain their reason.”

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