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UKPeyman SatariManchester
UKPoone Ravi

I was raised in a Christian fundamentalist household to treat others not of my persuasion with contempt and to hold a certain amount of guilt. After I left home I worked for several multi-national companies and was exposed to a wide variety of different cultures. I am naturally curious and found myself in a lot of theological conversations exploring questions I\'d had since my Grandfathers death when I was 13. What I found was that no-one seemed to have all the answers and as I have sought to discover deeper meaning in many of the worlds largest organised religions I have only found that there is no place for those that question and that in many cases there are co-ordinated efforts to disguise glaring truths and discourage independent thought. I work in the ISP/Telecoms industry and value freedom of speech. I am saddened to watch as it is being stripped away in so many \'civilised\' countries today.


I would like to join as an ex-Muslim, having been born into it without a choice just doesn\'t sit right with me. The constraints on me to follow that path has made me unhappy...all I want to be is a happy human being, to enjoy life like all my friends rather than being tied down by rules i dont understand or want to follow. I want to be free.


It\'s been 12 years since I stopped believing in Islam. I\'m of Pakistani origin and I believe Ex-Muslim Council of Britain is doing a great job giving a hope to people who want to leave Islam.


Because I believe that the freedom to opt out of religion is as important as that to opt in.

UKRehan Hussain
UKReza JalilivandManchester

If there was a god, there wouldn\'t be so much oppression and cruelty.

UKReza Moradi
UKRichard CraigBristol

As an atheist I can only admire the internal strength ex-Muslims must have to break free of a religion that demands a death sentence to anyone who renounces Islam. It is you who can speak with the most authority on Islam and I would love to hear what you have to say.

UKRichard Johnson

I would like to add my voice to the growing chorus of secularists and humanists, who feel that religion is an outdated and blinkered ideology which should hold no authority whatsoever in a 21st Century judicial and political system. I lend my full support to your manifesto.

UKRonnie Miah

I am from a Bangladeshi family and grew up in a relatively traditional Muslim household. I have always been sceptical about Islam from a young age although at the time I had moderate Muslim opinions. I started losing my faith after seeing the contradictions and inhuman values contained in the Quran. I am now an atheist. I do not believe that there is a God or any supernatural being. I do not believe that Islam as an ideology is compatible with Human Rights, freedom from torture or freedom of expression. I am a lawyer. I would like to be a member as I would like to see this organisation highlight the negative aspects of Islam as an ideology as well as argue against the idea of there being a \'God\' along with other atheist organisations.

UKSaeed Parto
UKSad ex-Muslim

I wish to become a member. I have opted to do it through my email as doing it via your website would leave evidence on my computer, which is used by the family. My main reason for wanting to join is to help you fight the growth of Islamic Fundamentalism, which will destroy us all if we do not take any action. I want to live in peace with everybody, regardless of their beliefs and Islam does not offer that. Please keep me posted about any events that you may hold. I want to keep my name and city anonymous.
Many Thanks.


My name is Saeid and I am an ex-Muslim and I would like to join your community. I am 38 years old and I have a lot of information about Islam and Iran. Most of my friends are ex-Muslims and I guess they will join you pretty soon. With respect and love.

UKSaffi ex-Salafi

A normal middle class girl from the Home Counties, my mum a nurse my dad an architect, I converted to Islam at 18 and became a salafi (v. strict). I married an Arab had a child and lived in Arab countries for a while. Over time I saw more and more hatred and suppression in the \'peaceful religion of the one true god\' I was a strict salafi and devoted my time staying at home listening to quran & memorising it, learning Arabic and reading numerous religious books I loved reading hadiths. As I read more and more I found one thing after another that shocked me but as soon as I had these thoughts I would make wudoo and read ayat al Kursi to put it out of my mind. But the thoughts that certain things were wrong kept coming back until one day I read some hadith about what should happen to apostates and just thought a belief system that doesn\'t let you leave it can\'t be right! It\'s been a long hard road to freedom for me and have had death threats etc. Islam has taught me a lot of lessons though and the whole journey has made me who I am, I have not really met anyone who has had a similar experience yet so I\'m hoping through this organisation I won\'t feel like the only one any more. Sorry my statement so long. It\'s a relief to get it off my chest.


I am an ex-Muslim who wishes to join your organisation, I have been an ex-Muslim for about 3 years now, and I was told my another member of your organisation that you might be creating a forum to attach to your site. I think this was be an excellent move; I know many ex-Muslims across the net who feel as if they have nowhere specific to them to go and talk, or to help de-convert completely from Islam and the mental issues that are unique to a leaver of that religion. I for one would be very pleased to be a part of that type of forum. I am based near London in the UK.

UKSaif Rahman

I am a 37 year old agnostic humanist born in the UK, and of Indo-Pakistani descent. I don\'t want anyone else to go through the same feelings of guilt and sadness that I experienced during my process of re-evaluation. I hope that it provides the other side of the story in a balanced fashion (see my youtube channel;, and saves others on the years of research that lead me to my present day conclusions. I regularly fasted, used to pray 5 times a day; I even kept a tally on the wall for the kaza prayers I had missed in case I forgot to do them later. All in all I tried my best to remain a good Muslim. However I could never rid myself of my doubts. I felt bad and alone, as I had never come across a Muslim apostate before, there had to be something evil and wrong with me. I kept quiet and became insular and with great sadness, the more I looked into it, the greater my doubts grew. That was right up till the day that my cousin said that I could not keep interpreting Islam to taste. I had to accept everything in the Quran was perfect or face the fact that I was not a Muslim. I decided I could no longer continue this charade, so I accepted it to him, but more importantly to myself. From that day my mind was finally set free from my self-imposed exile.

UKSam Pounaki
UKSaman Navid
UKSaman FarmanaraGlasgow
UKSaimir Krasniqi

I never knew something like this existed and just found out from a BBC programme (battle for Islam). I\'ve been educated in the UK and left behind the religion based on myth. I really think you guys got some guts, I mean coming out of the most tormenting and threatening religion of all and still smiling, wow! With all the psychological pressure and stress with promise of torture with fire in the hereafter life you really need to be strong to break free. Maximum respect for you all

UKShahrokh Shaveissi
UKShaun MoorcroftWarrington

I wish to offer my support to all the people of the world who choose to free themselves of the tyranny of religious oppression. We are supposed to live in an enlightened age of reasoning and scientific progress, yet millions of people are living in a dark age nightmare; I truly admire anyone who finds the sheer strength of courage to oppose the brutal regime of Islam, even if the \'move\' is purely in their mind because to do so \'physically\' would mean fatwah and death. The CEMB offers more hope than any religion could. Humanism is for freedom of humans. Religion is for control by some of the rest.

UKShiva Mahbobi
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